Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where's old man McSame?

Dave wants to know. More after Letterman:

Seriously, not only is the fucking economy cratering, it sounds to me like the McSame campaign is as well.
Dave makes jokes, but he's got a damn good point. And in fact it's not really "where's McCain", but wheres Caribou Barbie?
She's not needed to save the economy like a Super Senator in Depends.
She should be out front and center, yea?
I don't see Biden hiding from the press.

Want my prediction? They (the McCain campaign collectively) knows that as the days go on, they are in deep doodoo with young Miss Runner-up.
Not only does the campaign want to cancel the prez debates, they want to postpone the VP debates, too. WTF??

It's so damn obvious these two idiots are in NO position to lead this country.
Can SOMEONE, anyone tell me why on God's green earth anyone should cast a vote for JJ McSame and the Jesus Freak?


Dusty said...

Nope, can't think of any reason that anyone with a sound mind would vote for that fuckwit and his sidekick from the frozen north.

Letterman was good and KO was really good. :)

LA said...

Letterman is awesome!

Mike V. said...

Yea, when he gets fired up, he's still got it.

Frozen North Barbie as prez. Unthinkable.