Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Palin experiment

We can dispense with the arguing about whether Caribou Barbie is qualified to be the Prez (which ultimately is the test if you take any vice presidential choice to its possible logical end) because she is clearly not.
The End.
She proved that last week when she sat down with Gibson. She doesn't know a goddamned thing.
"Shit? Shinola? I just don't know!!"
She's a creationist. Which means that she's either:
A) Insane
B) Ignorant/stupid
C) Lying
D) All of the above.
She knows dick about domestic and foreign policy. She thinks Iraq has something to do with 9-11.
So those that have been trying to paint her as a picture perfect VP can blow me.
They also fall into those above categories, strangely enough.

So, the question is whether or not this highly cynical choice for VP on the part of McGramps will work for his campaign.
I'd like to think "no", but America was presented with a similar choice for Prez in 2000...
The Obama campaign and those that want to shore up HIS base have to frame the debate around which pair is the better choice for the country.
Both Palin and McSame have presented themselves as a continuation of the BushCheney bootheal on the collective necks of the world at large. End of story.
Obama and Biden are not my first choice, but given the ballot in November, they are the obvious choice at this point.
Both are FAR and away more knowledgable when it comes to the issues that face us today and what they have to offer the country and the world will make us stronger than a McCrazy/Moosewoman 4 years (or God forbid eight).
I look forward to the debates.


Tom Harper said...

Yes I'm looking forward to the debates too. Biden will wipe up the stage with that dimwitted Sarahpoleon. Ditto for Obama and McSame.

I hope it matters. I hope the public isn't too addled and distracted to follow the debates, and doesn't keep falling for the slurs and soundbites that Republicans keep coming up with.

LA said...

Amen to both the post and the comment above this one.

Did you see Tina Fey last night? Priceless.

Mike V. said...

I just watched it on the interwebs.
Man, she has her down pretty good.
I liked the "Tina Fey glasses" comment. :)