Friday, September 26, 2008


I'd say that both men were fairly articulate, so it comes down to policy.
Based on what I heard tonight, it's clear that McCain is not in the world of reality when it comes to foreign and domestic policy.
Iraq is a failure and was the wrong policy. The end. McCain does not get it.
What defines "winning" in Iraq? We need to get the fuck out of there.
I'm glad that Obama opposes the boondoggle of Nukes, as well. We need to spend money on CLEAN energy.
McCain uses clever language, but he basically wants to continue FAILED regressive domestic policy.
Obama was pretty damn clear there. He wants to rebuild from the inside out.
I only fault Obama for letting McSame slide on the issues of Veterans and Torture both of which Mr. JJ is a FAILURE.

One thing this debate made me think about:
I can only imagine how bad Palin is going to look debating Biden. I mean, really.


LA said...

Obama was a full grade better in debate, according to Time.,8599,1845106-1,00.html

LA said...

p.s. I love your new banner!

Mike V. said...

thanks, and I changed the color, too.
I'm going to keep messing around with it, but I prefer these colors to the blue..

and yea, I think obama did much better, but we shall see..

Tom Harper said...

I couldn't believe McCain never got called on his stabbing veterans in the back, repeatedly. He's standing up there going on and on about "veterans know me...they know I've always been there for them...caring for veterans has always been my top priority..."

And he got away with it. #@%^&*!!#$!%&!

Ricardo said...

Call it a draw. But what are your thoughts on this ridiculous bailout going on? I'm sick. SICK!

Mike V. said...

I'll have to make a whole 'nother post on that alone.
Most people get bored with the financial stuff, but I will give it a shot..