Thursday, October 02, 2008


First of all, Biden completely crushed Caribou Barbie in the debate.

"Hey, can I call ya Joe?"
What an embarrassment, with her folksy horseshit and her winking at the old republican men jerking off at home. "Darn right!" puke. "We're a couple of mavericks!"
That being said, she barely answered one fucking thing (thanks, moderator for keeping them on topic!) and when she "answered" she was usually wrong.
She flat out said at the beginning that she was going to talk "straight to the American people" and then proceeded to basically ignore the format.
All she did was come on stage and recite a bunch of talking points.
It was staggering to watch her plow forward with string of memorized lines that at times I don't even think she understood.
Palin never told us how McSame is going to be different than Bush and she believes that Cheney is correct about the larger powers of the office of the VP. Or did she just not fully understand the last part? Who knows with this dipshit.

Look, she's clearly out of her league with Biden, but this was a travesty.


Tom Harper said...

Try this at a job interview. Answer your would-be employer's question with "instead of answering that question, let me first tell you about my summer vacation, and my hobbies and my cute children."

Think you'll get the job?

Mike V. said...

exactly, dude.
it was embarrassing to watch..