Monday, July 23, 2007

You Tube - CNN Debates

I thought the questions were very good from the people who submitted.
You gotta wonder why regular old Americans were able to ask better questions than the so-called professional.

The front-runners, on the other hand issued too much blah blah blah.
I don't even know what in the hell Obama, Edwards and Clinton stand for. I cannot support Senator Clinton. She's the biggest political hack out of all of them. Which is saying a lot.

The only ones that seemed to have any energy and answered more straight forward were the ones who are the supposed "fringe".

In particular, I enjoyed Kucinich, Gravel and Richardson when they got a chance to actually answer anything. Especially when Kucinich said take the money away from Bush so we can get the hell out of Iraq.

It's early, but I still don't think we're getting enough from any of them about health care, getting out of Iraq and Social Security.
Everyone knows where I stand on the first two, but so far as SS goes, we should eliminate the income cap. Problem solved.

For those that watched, I would be interested in what you thought.


Ricardo said...

Yep. I felt the same way. I'm more at a loss for what these guys stand for than ever before. What gives? Can they grow a pair and take a stand?

The questions were way better than the usual ones. I was impressed.

I love Kucinich but I don't think he has a shot.

Mike V. said...

Neither does the "media".
They seem to choose who the front runners are.
Political hacks like Sen. Clinton.