Tuesday, July 24, 2007

VA under scrutiny again. Vets not getting care they deserve.

Once again, we have to be reminded of the shame that is the current lot of assholes running the country.

The fact that the war vets are not getting the care they need and have to sue is amazing.

I have a partial solution, though.

All these companies that are making their fucking blood money in Iraq via the giant money laundering scheme that is this war of BushCheney's choice should cough up some of that dough.
Filthy lucre that it is, at least some of their ill-gotten gains could be used for something other than lining the pockets of a handful of sorry assholes.
Not the least of which, Richard Cheney, tied for first with Bush for the biggest sorry asshole on the planet.

The least these companies can do is provide some sort of help for the people that have been mangled by the Iraq war meat grinder.

Fuck them and fuck BushCheney.

Stop this war and Impeach them both!


Tom Harper said...

What, large corporations helping the grunts who are fighting in Iraq? Sorry, we don't do that any more. Welcome to the new Gilded Age.

Who Hijacked Our Country

Ricardo said...

Oh Mike where would the profits be in doing that? That's not the neocon way. These people are disposable. Sad isn't it?

Mike V. said...

You're right guys, lord knows what I was thinking.

Gilded Age here we come!