Saturday, July 21, 2007

The President this week just officially removed the 5th Amendment

It's official should the executive order stand.

Bush outlaws the 5th Amendment.

"President Bush unveiled an executive order that allows the administration to block bank accounts and any other financial assets that might be found in this country belonging to people, companies or groups that the United States deems are working to threaten stability in Iraq."

Well, when they try and come and take my meager assets from my home, they better come armed, that's all I have to say.

Can we impeach them NOW, please?


Brad said...

So what's the score now? 7 rights down, 3 to go? That sounds about right.

Mike V. said...

Lord, is there even 3 left?
I think the only ones that may still stand are 2 and 3.
And if it gets really bad in this country, they may wish that 2 didn't exist.

Nick said...

Dangerous precedent because it's a pretty wide mandate. If you really wanted to become dictatorial, you could say that anybody who blogs or broadcasts news that carries a bias that opposes Bush's policies in Iraq, could be seen as damaging to the stabilility of Iraq. That is alot of assets.

Thankfully I'm not American so this won't directly affect me... and hopefully Gordon Brown is going to stepaway from the rhetoric of Tony Blair... whois now busy slouching towards Bethlehem.



Tom Harper said...

It's time for Bush to seize all of Hillary Clinton's financial assets. After all, she was aiding and abetting the terrorists with her recent anti-American speech :)

Who Hijacked Our Country

Ricardo said...

This is going to get so abused that I think the next president will overturn it. It's just scary how this guy does not care about rights. He's a dictator.