Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Terror Alert!

If the reports of late that the USA is in danger of new terror attacks and it's not just the administration trying to scare the public (which is certainly in the realm of possibility) then what does this tell us about them and about BushCheney?

It means that they are utter fucking failures! If this is true, it's their fault.

They had the opportunity to work with the rest of the world post Sept. 11th 2001 to try and fight terrorism.

But it's all about securing the oil fields in Iraq and laundering money to the rich and the powerful.
Our country is not fighting terrorism.
There is no "war on terror"

If someone inhales a handful of anthrax or dies in a bomb from crazies, the blood is also on BushCo's hands. In fact, I believe they are HOPING for an attack
I'll go so far as to say that I think if they knew of one, they would try and let it happen.
But I don't think people would not rally 'round Bush this time.
And as we've seen by their response to a hurricane, the US is in no way prepared to deal with anything on a large scale at all.


Oh, and here's the great Max Blumenthal interviewing some brilliant College Republicans about the war. They believe in fighting it over there. Just not them.

The Unauthorized College Republican Convention Tour from huffpost and Vimeo

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LA said...

You know what? I've become so cynical, that I read this news with a completely different jaundiced view. I actually don't believe there's any increased terror threat right now, and that this "news" is manufactured in an effort to convince Americans to "stay the course," especially considering the news comes on the heels of a couple bad weeks for Bush.

Either way, it's a big mess, and Bush needs to be impeached.