Wednesday, June 06, 2007

To the edge and over the side.

That's where Bush will wind up taking his party. If it's not really in the process now. Teetering on the edge, if you will. Taking the country with him, unfortunately.

The 1981 revolution of Reagan saw the rise of the GOP as the party of small government and less taxes. They started with basically living their dream of deconstructing the New Deal and making regulation a thing of the past.

With Bush the 2nd, we get the rise of the Uber-Con, The Neo-Con and the religious right all rolled into one. The Uber-Regressive, maybe?

The so-called "liberal media" became stenographers for these pornographers.
While they spend their time worried about some L.A. cocksucking whore and how much time she'll spend behind bars for being a dumbshit.

It's not enough to work solidly to transfer wealth and treasury money from the working people to the most wealthy "among us".
We also need to sink lives and a trillion dollars into a sand pit and shred the Constitution of the United States.
It's one thing to debate differing economic policy.
It's a whole 'nother thing to have this crew laughing at the Constitution, starting wars on lies, spying on Americans, torturing captives and undermining the very foundation of our democracy by denying people (usually those of color) the right to vote.
Fuck, they have some balls, though. They did this shit all out in the open, for Crissakes. A few of us that weren't strapped into a giant SUV with W2004 and "support the troops" stickers made some noise, but a WHOLE lot of people just never listened.
Hell, Bush can and does condone torture and the disappearing of people, and they still don't listen.

It's hard to take any kind of comfort in this race to the bottom, this race to the edge of the cliff that might eventually undo this criminal administration.
Because of what they have wrought. The death, the destruction of lives here and abroad.
I only hope that us Americans can finally try and undue what they have done.
We certainly are not getting any help right now from the current congress..


jewgirl said...

thanks for hitting my blog :). will check yours out, too. anywho, I stopped by to give you this link that my friend over at emailed me.

YOU will love it:

blog Portland said...

Unrelated (mostly) question: I saw a preview for "Little Bush" on Comedy Central this week. My wife disagrees that those kind of shows can actually help out the President. What's your take on it?

Mike V. said...

Honestly, I can't imagine anything that could ever help the guy now.
I'm not really sure that he gives crap, as he's a sociopath, though..
I doubt we'll see much change in his "approval" rating one way or the other over the next year and a half.
The hardcore base will remain. Because they are crazy.

SheaNC said...

"The 1981 revolution of Reagan saw the rise of the GOP as the party of small government and less taxes."

Yet, somehow, they managed to increase the size of government and increase the deficit, too. They really were skilled.