Tuesday, June 05, 2007

2 and a half years

And some prison stripes for "Scooter".

And yet Bush and Cheney are still walkin' around.
War criminals that they are.
And Tenet got a book deal, etc..

What a fucking world.


blog Portland said...

I owe you 20 bucks if he serves even half of that.

Mike V. said...

Next time I'm in Portland, I shall collect my 20 dollars in beer.
I already know the pub where you can spend it... :)

blog Portland said...

I realize it was never part of the deal, but I'm thinking you owe me a beer, for the sake of posterity.

LA said...

I'm sure you heard that Dubya commuted Scooter's sentence. Looks like lame duck fever is alive and well. It's going to be a long 18 months until January 20, 2009.

Mike V. said...

Fucking assholes!

I have it marked down, several beers for you, dude.. :O