Sunday, June 03, 2007

I thought we were "fightin' em over thar"?

God, when Bush went down for his cereal the morning after the JFK plot came out, he probably just about creamed in his underoos. Actually, I'm sure he did.
He had to tell the White House chef, "Rachael, I need to be excused" so he could change his drawers. Bush fantasizes that his chef is Rachael Ray, who also serves to jerk him off with her giant ham hands.

Any Journalist worth his or her salt, of course should have the balls to ask Tony the Snow at the least, "well, are we fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them here or not??"

See, assuming this story is true, capturing assholes before they do crazy shit wherever in the world (no, that does not mean that you get to listen to my phone calls, fuckers) would seem to me the way to fight them terrorists.
No, I guess we have to flush lives and a trillion dollars down that fucking rathole in Iraq.
Of course, most of us sane people know that Iraq is about money laundering and control of oil, not the terriers anyhow, so there is that.

Even now, can there really be anyone that doesn't raise an eyebrow about that fucking mess?
As El Presidente and his Veep running the show, we have an oil man and a guy with his head so far up the Military Industrial Complex ass he can smell the leather seats in the boardroom. Sure, none of those things have ANYTHING to do with the blood money being handed over to contractors in the desert or the profits BP and Exxon are making. No, of course not.

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