Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I don't think so, Georgie.

Four years later and Bush is still sending our soldiers over to Iraq into a civil war (of our creation) with targets painted on their backs.
Refusing to cooperate with congress, Bush veto's the spending bill because it "sets a time table". Yea, that's the thing, Georgie, the public WANTS a time table. In fact, what most people want is for us to get the hell out of your mess.

Retired Major General Paul Eaton put it well this week:

"This administration and the previously Republican-controlled legislature have been the most caustic agents against America's Armed Forces in memory. Less than a year ago, the Republicans imposed great hardship on the Army and Marine Corps by their failure to pass a necessary funding language. This time, the president of the United States is holding our soldiers hostage to his ego. More than ever apparent, only the Army and the Marine Corps are at war - alone, without their president's support."

Well, he must be some America-hating moonbat.

And BTW, fuck Tenet and his new book and his so-called "coming clean".
He could have spoken up before. Though he wouldn't have received a medal of freedom from Bush, though, I guess.
Along with BushCheneyAbuGonzalesRummyFieth, etc.. he should be charged with war crimes and jailed.


Tom Harper said...

Happy Mission Accomplished Day.

Tenet can go fuck himself. The first few times somebody left the Bush Administration and wrote a tell-all book, I thought it might make a difference. But Tenet is only the umpteenth person to do this, and it hasn't helped at all. A day late and a dollar short.

Sar said...

"holding our soldiers hostage to his ego"

that's poetically and dispicably spot on.

Good rant, Mike.