Monday, April 23, 2007

Historically speaking.

The question is: "how will history view these first years of the 21st century"

It's an interesting question, much more so than the standard thing along those lines that the "president" gets asked regarding how his tenure will be viewed.

Bush and Cheney are both sociopaths, so they don't care (though I'm sure it's still all about them) but the larger picture is more important.

I'm only 40, but have been interested in all sorts of politics and current events since high school.
It's hard sometimes when you have a lot of strong opinions and feelings about certain things to pull back and have a critical look at the big picture.

Based on my opinions expressed here, it would be of no shock to anyone that I think "historically speaking" the Bush years will not be viewed well.
But not just because of Iraq - although that's a big one - but because of the broad range of offenses from the administration in all foreign and domestic policy.
Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick, just try and think of one positive thing!! (Plutocrats not included, of course).

Now again, because of their personality disorders CheneyBush don't care themselves, but America should care. Ultimately, it is NOT all about them, it's all about us.

Besides extricating ourselves from BushCo's folly in the middle east, our soul as a nation of people (not plutocrats) needs to return to the populism and progressive roots of the middle 20th century with an eye towards making that type of progress with a 21st century understanding of this diverse country and world.

So long as we allow working Americans and the middle class to be ground up by the likes of Bush and his military and corporatist friends, we're screwed.
I'm not talking party affiliation, I'm talking affiliation with those that actually do the work and shoulder burdens here and abroad for our nation.

Our elected representatives are a big part of that, and they should be held in account, but so should we ALL.
Turn it around.


LA said...

This is from a piece published today about the passing of David Halberstam. I think it applies to your post, how the first few years of the 21st century will be judged by history. Though it's not necessarily Bush/Cheney specific, paragraph 2 is still a part of this administration's (and Fox News') legacy, I believe:

Halberstam himself, in a recent interview with The Nation magazine, said that today the United States is what he called an "entertainment society. We want to be entertained more than we want to think. It's a serious problem. We're the most powerful nation in the world, but our network broadcast is increasingly about celebrity, sex, and scandal. It's less about substance than it used to be. It's not as good as it should be. And it makes us a more volatile society. We pay very little attention to the rest of the world, then when the rest of the world doesn't act in concert with us and salute us, we're very angry."

The corporate ownership of newspapers today means that the kind of aggressive reporting that characterized journalism in the 1960s and 1970s, bringing down the presidency of Richard Nixon, who was forced to resign in 1973, is no longer possible. That kind of clamorous, insistent reporting by major news organizations in the face of public opinion, no matter how erroneous that opinion may be, fanned by jingoists waving the bloody shirt, causes editors and stockholders big headaches.

Mike V. said...

great find, thanks.
and very true.
of course, only a moonbat or a traitor would ever question our leaders.
well, unless the leader is not a rethuglican, then that's not the same thing.

peace, Lani. hope you are having a good week..

Tom Harper said...

Good points. These crooked politicians couldn't keep doing what they're doing if they weren't being enabled by millions of middle class and working class voters. Millions of people keep getting duped into voting against their own interests. It's unbelievable.

Who Hijacked Our Country

The Insider said...

I am new to your blog but upon reading your recent post I couldn’t stop going through others. Although I had a few tiny miny missions to accomplish here in Tehran, I put them in the waiting list.
Oh yes.. I am the Insider (Live from Tehran). My view of the world is a bit different (to get a better view I stand on my hands). I very much like your stand. My son and grandchildren won’t blame Bush or Cheney for anything they will blame ME. History does not judge but it only records.
By the way read my telephone conversations with the White House tenant. He is living there without paying the rent. All the fuss he is making is for the landlord to forget about the rent

SheaNC said...

I am six years older than you, so you can probably identify with this: I grew up looking forward to the marvels the 21st century would hold. So many science fiction stories protrayed a fantastic future for us. Instead, the 21st century became a nightmare-come-true. The neocons ruined my future, and it sickens me.

Mike V. said...

yea, wtf? where the hell are the goddamned flying cars and shit?? :)