Tuesday, May 08, 2007

"War on terror" = less help for Kansas, post tornado

Thanks to our hero Georgie sending more and more young people off to Iraq with targets on their back.

The governor of Kansas says that with this latest batch of tornado's, the National Guard there is now stretched to the limit because of all the deployments of men and equipment to go fight a civil war in Iraq.

I guess we're a fightin' the terriers over there so they won't get us here, but you might be screwed in the event of a major storm.

Thankfully, people in Kansas are getting a better deal now than the poor and the blacks did post-Katrina along the gulf coast.

Georgie sez that because of the war on terriers, the National Guard will not be back to it's regular strength within our borders for close to half a decade.

But hey, maybe we can just outsource all that to some jackbooted jerkoffs who work for Blackwater.

That would be totally sweet.

Oh, and check out some good Bill Maher stuff:


sir jorge said...

I guess there is just not that many people concerned with kansas, which is sad.

LA said...

I can just see them sitting around the oval office, sucking down brews and shucking peanuts wondering if they have to care about Kansas since they didn't care about New Orleans.