Thursday, January 18, 2007

Something fun for the weekend.

OK, if you were watching sitcoms in the late 70's, you were probably watching WKRP in Cincinnati.
If you did, then you know the episode clip here very well.
Without a doubt, this particular show belongs in the top 5 funniest of all time.
Pure gold.


Ricardo said...

YES! They thought turkeys could fly!!!

BTW - Bailey Quarters was the chick to have on that show and NOT Loni Anderson if you're a thinking man like me, which you are.

Mike V. said...

everybody loved Bailey, dude!
that was a given.

Tom Harper said...

Funny, I always thought Bailey was prettier than Jennifer, but I thought I was the only guy who thought that. Shit, I guess all of us shallow one-dimensional macho types think alike. Who knew?

LA said...

OMG, I remember that! That show was classic.