Saturday, January 13, 2007

Gimme that pizza con US dollars, dammit!

Ah, racism.

Seems there is a pizza chain that has a lot of hackles raised because they are taking pesos along with greenbacks as payment.

Now, a pragmatic person like myself sez: This is a private transaction, and if they want to take monopoly money for their pizza, what business is that of mine?

Well, some filthy racists in different parts of the country don't take to kindly to that.

These rubes obviously have never traveled much further than their trailer park, because smart businesses around the world have been taking dollars forever (particularly in border towns to the south and the north of us) because people have them in their pockets. And they would rather those dollars wind up in their cash register. Can't imagine why.

Most of the people complaining are chickenshit assholes sending "death threats" and the like because they have no backbone. Like most bullies and racists.

This is a US business that is making a decision about how it will carry out their transactions.
No one should give a shit.
Buy your pizza and shut the fuck up.


Sinister Dan said...

My guess is that when the owners of these pizza places remit their federal taxes, no one asks if it originally came in as pesos.

Nice work - and keep posting Olbermann's Special comments.

Mike V. said...

In the America where I was born, making smart decisions to increase profits is what business owners do.
Silly me..

Cat said...

When I visted Mexico they took my US Dollars without question and I never got attacked for using them instead of pesos.

I was adverse at first when I heard this but if they do it right, who cares? Is it going to change my birthday??

Dustin said...

Nice post. Racism almost seems to be "en vogue" right now in the US, and it's got to change.

Jenn of the Jungle said...

Actually, they don't want Peso's in Mexico, I had some I'd gotten accidently from an ATM in Mexico, and the bar tender freaked out a bit when I handed him Peso's he said,"But, you're American, don't you have dollars?" He took the Peso's from me like they were covered in the plauge, and gave me a crappy watered down Margarita.

It's not racism to be angry when you see your way of life and your country being slowly swallowed by another, and Mike, seeing as you live here in S.D. surely you see that on a daily basis. Sure there are some good decent Mexicans. I personally know a few. But most, and most is a good description, are shady ass scum sucking bottom feeders, who come here to get money, send it home and want nothing to do with being American. They bring into this country crime, drugs and diseases we'd eradicated. You know the T.B. found @ Sycuan? Yup, you guessed it, Mexican dude. T.B. is just one disease they bring with them.

Sides, seeing as I lived amongst them for several years, I can assure you, they are about as racist as a racist can get.

Of course, I am racist, but I'm just saying.

Mike V. said...

Um, I'm hoping that your comment was supposed to be satire. At least to a certain extent.

And no, living here I don't really see what you are talking about on a daily basis.
Then again, I love living in a more diverse city.

As for the illegal problem and such, I have a simple solution for that: Bust people that hire those that are not allowed to work in the US.

'Course, neither your prez nor the previous congress wanted anything to do with that.

Tom Harper said...

Rightwingers can't seem to decide whether they want free enterprise or whether they want a big nanny government to come in and start meddling. A few months ago a restaurant in Philadelphia was sued because they had a sign saying they would only wait on you if you spoke English. Rightwing bloggers ran with the story, saying the government had no right to interfere in a business' private decision (which I agree with).

So how is this different? The wingnuts need to get a little more decisive.

Jenn of the Jungle said...

"Bust people that hire those that are not allowed to work in the US."

Que????? Everytime they do that the left wing moonbats go apeshit and scream racism. Google: Meatpacking raids.

Sorry, I wasn't being the least bit satiricle. Unlike many, I'll admit what I am. The only problem is, I am racist regarding SOME Mexicans. I certainly don't look at every Mexican with loathing. But, for example, those wandering the streets during the protests holding up Via Azatlan signs won my hate. Those I lived amongst, whom I listen bash the hell out of my country and slag off Pinja Americano's, thye too got a dose of my loathing. Problem is, these days the majority rather than the minority are like this.

If you noticed Tom had you stopped by my blog that I DID NOT post on this for your exact reasoning. Funny thing is, when I travel to Europe, I have to have my dollars changed. Period. I can see a pizza store in San Ysidro taking Peso's this chain is in Colorado, Cali, and Texas, to name a few. Our curency is the dollar. It's not a nanny state issue, it's a currency issue.

Kurt said...

It's hard for me to figure the Right out. They support business above the individual. Does racism actually trump money?

Mike V. said...

Jenn, who cares if a pizza place takes dollars, pesos or dirty socks?
It's a private transaction.

And if you have traveled at all around the world, you know damn well, that plenty of places (and not just border towns) will take US dollars.
You are seeing less of that now, however because of the one stop shopping that the EURO brings.

When we were in Prague this year, there were several places we went into that would take EUROs.

There is no reason whatsoever for ANYONE to give a shit about a private transaction.

Steve Landis said...

I've travelled the globe. We often had money exchange services aboard the ships on which I served but more often than not, the locals wanted greenbacks, dollars, American CASH and as I remember, most didn't rip us off. They were happy to have our money. Today, most foreigners are happy if we stay the hell out of their country and don't wage war on their people...

This is just a huge dose of horse shit. We have the most fluid borders of any "First World" country and as such, we should be happy to take whatever the hell anyone wants to spend because at the rate BushCo is going, we'll be owned by China in short-order anyway!

blog Portland said...

This is why I pay for all of my pizzas in handjobs.