Friday, January 12, 2007

A presidency of "cliff notes"

No kidding.

Olbermann gets it right once again.
Great comment on the W's speech:



Tom Harper said...

"Presidency of Cliff Notes" LOL. Dan Quayle used to be the butt of lots of "Cliff Notes" jokes, but Quayle actually looks intelligent compared to GW Bush.

People in the Sun said...

Another great one. I just stayed staring at the TV and ended up watching the beginning of Scarborough, where the pundits talked about the politics of Bush's speech. No mention of the many more people being sent to their deaths. Is Olbermann the only one with a goddamn soul?

Mike V. said...

Bush is Quayle on dope and playing a serial killer.

Yea, PITS, Olbermann is one of only a few.

Diane said...

Olbermann is dead on again