Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bush's speech tonight. Too little, too late? Too stupid?

Bush's "double-down" (which should not be funded by Congress. GROW SOME BALLS!) will be announced tonight.
Like George Will pointed out this week in Newsweek, quoting General MacArthur on war:

He said that in war, all disasters can be explained by two words: "too late."

W has been late to everything in his life. Maybe that's why he's such a fucking screw-up.

Sorry Georgie. You can fire all the people that disagree with you. You can ignore the facts and surround yourself with yes-men.
When you lay down and stare at the ceiling at night (assuming here that GWB is not a full-blown sociopath) the reality has to hurt.
Anyone that has spent any time in corporate America has seen "leaders" like this and they wind up driving everything into the ground. Then the morons and the yes men stand around scratching their collective noggins wondering what happened. While the rest of us try hard not to say "told you so".

So far, the only good thing I can see coming in the short term is some oversight from Congress. And we have needed this. Bad.

Try not to pull an Elvis on the TV tonight while watching the Prez..


eaprez said...

I think Josh Marhall from TPM said it more Hail Mary pass for George W. Bush's legacy just isn't a good enough reason for losing more American lives, treasure and prestige.
Great blog.

Ricardo said...

I don't see how sending in 20,000 more troops will solve anything. A total failure of biblical proportions. That's all I can say about this mess.

blog Portland said...

But will he pilot the lead fighter jet in the fight to save humanity when the aliens attack?

Steve Landis said...

Bush couldn't pilot his own dumb ass to the liquor cabinet without the direction of his dog...