Friday, January 05, 2007

Another assualt on the 4th Amendment by King Bush

Signing statement sez: I can read your mail!

Without a warrant!

Just what makes a president think that he's above the Constitution of the United States of America?
Oh, yea. One that is completely insane.

I was listening to talk radio last night, and Bernie took a caller that said "hey, I have nothing to hide, why should I care if someone reads my mail?"
You know what? If you don't know the answer to that, then you should just get the fuck OUT of the USA.


blog Portland said...

I get that our basic freedoms are being exploited (nay, dumped on) here, but how is something like this even manageable by him? Doesn't it stipulate that the reading has to be done by him personally? But again, I suppose that is beside the point.

Mike V. said...

with a HUGE letter opener.

George said...

Just one more shining example Bush trampling on our rights.

Ricardo said...

Sigh.....many totalitarian governments use that whole "nothing to hide" thing. It's really not the point. It's about my business being my business. But none of the matters anymore I guess. The 2008 elections can't come soon enough.

Tom Harper said...

I also get tired of that same old "I don't have anything to hide, they can spy on me all they want" reasoning. We should turn that around: All those secret meetings and deals of Bush and Cheney should be made public. What are they trying to hide?

Mike V. said...

Taken to the next level, I have to assume that these people who think this is ok will be the first ones that will allow their houses to be searched without their knowledge, too? When they're not home, of course
Why not? What do they have to hide?

Ricardo, you are one sharp dressed man.. :)

Ricardo said...

You know it home slice!

SheaNC said...

Wait a minute... before, if I actually wanted to send him a letter, it would never reach him. Maybe this is our chance! We can all write to Bush now!