Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I hope everyone had wonderful holidays and a fun time this past weekend.

That was quite a bang to end the year, eh?
James Brown and Jerry Ford dying in the same week. Camera phone videos of the Hussein hanging get sent all over the internets.
Amazon.com had their biggest year ever.

But, worst of all, we hit another milestone in the quagmire that is our clusterfuck in Iraq: 3000 dead Americans. And they have been dying and getting maimed for nothing, along with untold numbers of Iraqis. All so they could hang a motherfucker? Lord only knows. Is that why he appointed Bush?

Now that we are post holidays, post new year, post elections and all that, let's hope we can make some headway against the regressive policies and dangerous foreign affairs of the last 6 years.

About a third of the country is still stuck on insane (supporting Bush) but the rest of us have our marbles. And a good number of us have been right all along, but I appreciate and applaud people that have finally seen the light and now know that not only are there a third of the country a little off, but that the president of the US is completely insane. Gone. Lost ALL his marbles. The decider is now just plain ignoring military commanders, for fucks sake.

Oh, and do I even need to mention the end of the year "cut and run" irony?
Yea, I didn't think so.

I'm not counting on the newly-elected to accomplish too much other than NOT being as corrupt as the last crop. But I am counting on the American people to stay awake and write letters.
To the editor of your paper, to your congressman/woman, to your senator.

The regressives have had their chance and screwed the pooch. In the worst ways possible.
2007 is the take it back year.


Jenn of the Jungle said...

You are right, politically we are polar opposites on many points.

But, thank you very much for your kind words on my "son's" death. We can't have children and for the last 14 years my four legged son was, well, our son. He was the light of our lives. This house is an emty shell without him.

The kind words and love and support that has been given me in the last week from everyone on both sides of the political spectrum, has restored a small amount of faith in humanity.

Thank you again for your kind words.

Mike V. said...

you're welcome and I meant it.

we have 3 four-legged girls here and they are very much part of the family.

Marie said...

I for one didn't support the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq because I wanted Hussein dead.

I wanted Al Qaeda and their supporters dead, or jailed, or defunded, or confused, or broken up, or whatever we could do, in order to stop their aggressive acts upon us on our own shores and abroad.

I thought Hussein's sentence, by the Iraqi judge, to be more than appropriate considering the mass genocide he committed.

Mike V. said...

well, marie, the invasions of those two countries and the occupation of the latter have been (just another) failure on the part of the Bush administration.

and at this point, in the last 4 years, we've killed more people that Hussein did in 20.

and so long as he played ball with us against Iran and did what we (and OPEC) told him to do with the oil spigots, he was out sick and twisted buddy.

112 billion barrels of oil under that Mesopotamian sand.

and it will cost us all a trillion dollars in the end to make sure we decide who's going to control it.

Steve Landis said...

I'm with you, Mike. While the math may be fuzzy on how many Saddam killed and how many have been killed since we abortively invated Iraq, the facts are clear that we have lost more than died on 9/11. We have been at this war longer than we were at WWII. We have spent, spent and spent again without result except that a sad, old despot is dead. This is and will continue to be an affair which Bush should be held accountable for. As each day passes that finds us in Iraq there is more ammunition to impeach this incompetent bastard we call President. History is already showing him to be the worst leader in the history of our nation. Impeach I say. Impeach!

Sar said...

Did you hear Kieth Olberman's special comment (ie brilliant rant) about Bush's impending announcement about his ego-based decision to ignore the wishes of the majority of American citizens, the generals (specifically scapegoat-pending Casey), and just about every study group to instead send in another 20k troops?

I'm cautiously optomistic for a turnaround 2007.

jen said...

ryn Mike V: i have a microwave and we eat take out. a lot. plus my parents live 15 minutes away. oh, and a two friends in town who cook regularly and invite us over quite often.

though our political views are opposed, i think i'll stop by now and again to read what you have to say.