Tuesday, January 23, 2007

King Bush addresses his subjects tonight.

Serfs said to be happy.

At least in his mind.

When he's done talking, one has to wonder what color the sky is in his world..

Oh, and what a world.

Not sure how he could ever do anything but hang his head in shame given the "state of the union" and the state of world affairs thanks to his miserable failures.

On another note, I thought that Jim Webb's response was dignified and well thought out.
And boy did he get it right about Iraq and his reference to the Gilded Age.


blog Portland said...

I heard that he'll be handing out 2-for-1 coupons to Arby's this year. What could say "my bad" for the whole Iraq thing better than a free Cheddar Melt for your best bud?

Tom Harper said...

That was an excellent speech by Jim Webb. He totally trounced Bush's SOTU speech.

Mike V. said...

Bush as usual looked like a smirking frat boy looking for attention.
The freshman Webb made a fantastic rebuttal and did so with class.

And kudos to Pelosi. I am proud of her and my state for the historic moment in the House.