Friday, January 26, 2007

I guess there's now a price for being tortured for the "war on terror"

10.5 million Canadian dollars, it would seem. You can go to to figure what that amounts to in your currency of choice.

That's what they are going to pay to Canadian citizen Maher Arar for his rendition to Syria to be tortured in our name.
Well, not in my name. In YOUR name, Bush administration and Bush supporters.

What a fucking world gone mad when the beacon of light for liberty and human rights becomes nothing better than the filth to whom we shipped another human being. Another INNOCENT human being at that.

I would like someone to explain to me what would stop this from happening to any one of us.
There is nothing. The administration has turned their back on the Constitution. They (Atty General Gonzo said so) say that Habeas Corpus is basically moot. They have turned their back on 800 years of law. In YOUR name.


Mark Ellinger said...

Hi Mike!

Check your email. I sent you a little poster I thought you would enjoy.


Ricardo said...

I heard about this one dude. I cringed and still can't believe it. This poor guy got roughed up in the worst possible way for NOTHING!!! And why do we have secret places in Syria to torture people? It least that's how I understood it.

blog Portland said...

10 large? Give me your worst. I don't even care that the payout is in Canadian.