Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Why not the terminally ill humans?

The beautiful horse Barbaro had to be euthanized this week after suffering a terrible break and complications.

Now, when it comes to our charges in the animal world, we give them what they need when they are dying and in pain.

People? Nah. Let 'em suffer. Sure, you can dope up someone until they cannot talk (but don't let them smoke that wacky weed! that be illegal!).

I'm really not sure why it is that we cannot get our brains wrapped around the idea that our terminally-ill loved ones in pain should not be allowed to suffer.
Or why it is that folks will try and prolong the life via machines of a person that is just a shell?

Christ on a pony, can the AIDS or Cancer patients at the least smoke a fucking joint?

Sometimes I've heard, "hey, we're talking about people here, not animals".


Tom Harper said...

Yeah, it's pretty strange that we show our love for terminally ill family members by keeping them propped up and in agony. Oregon has the Death With Dignity Act which allows terminally ill patients to choose euthanization. The Bush Adm. keeps trying to get that law overturned (those "states' rights" conservatives) but so far they haven't been able to.

Mike V. said...

Yea, they believe in states rights until they come across a wedge issue they can exploit.

Kurt said...

I completely agree with you. Unfortunately, the guys in Washington don't.

LA said...

What is tragic to me is that Jack Kevorkian will likely die in prison. Someday Americans will look back and recognize him for the trailblazing hero he is.

Mike V. said...

The problem with America is that Kervorkian didn't look like Brad Pitt..