Tuesday, November 07, 2006


It's your right and duty as a citizen!

I know you may have been robo-called by the filthy rethuglicans (I got one at 6am this morning), but don't let that crap stop you, get out and VOTE!

And on that note, have a look at this short, but great commentary by Keith Olbermann from last night.
Peace, and let's hope we kick the bums out.
And if the new bums don't do the fucking job, we'll kick their sorry asses out as well.


LA said...

I just cast my ballot not 30 minutes ago.

It's my humble opinion that the two most American things a citizen can do are voting and completing your jury service.

Mike V. said...

I agree!

I'm headed to the polls tonight, we'll see what happens.
According to the union trib online, there have been a few problems reported. not really in the suburbs, of course..

LA said...

P.S. Keith rules!