Tuesday, November 07, 2006

touch screen diebold

So, how did you vote?

I was shocked to learn that we were going to cast our votes via diebold touch screen machines.
Last couple of times at least we filled out pieces of paper with actual VOTES on them that could be recounted.
Now, I saw nothing that showed me how I voted other than a screen.
I am so not cool with that.
No receipt, nothing.

And to top it off, we caught the last half of the HBO vote hacking documentary which shows how simple it is to rock your fucking vote.

What a travesty.

How did your vote go?


LA said...

Mine was by machine, but it wasn't touch screen. Also, it printed a back-up paper ballot that I was able to confirm before I was done. It appears all went well.

Mike V. said...

we shall see.

these machines go against democracy.
the fact that someone can hack our vote so easily is crazy.

as someone that is intimately involved in the high tech world, I can tell you that is EXACTLY why I have a problem with these things.

Brad said...

Mine went really well, despite no paper trail. Seriously, from my house to the polling place and back was under ten minutes. Pretty pleased with that.

Diane said...

My voting was like la's . . . here's my concern . . . they replaced all the senior citizen polling assistants with what appeared to be high school girls . . . not sure which is better . . .

Grandma said...

Absentee ballot is the way I did it. A paper ballot and a receipt. Who knows if it is worth anything, but it made me feel better. I decided not to stand in line any longer and put myself in the permanent absentee ballot position. Hope that we got to boot some of the bums out!!

LA said...

diane - We still had the senior citizens but there appeared to be a new high school person who seemed to be "supervising" or something. I totally thought she seemed like the outsider. I wonder if there are hired staff now to supervise? It wouldn't be a bad thing because grandma had trouble finding my name on the list and got really confused when I spelled it.

Mike V. said...

looking at the CA returns so far, it all seems what I figured including the ballot props.
though I am a little shocked about 85.

i knew that arnold would win easily, and feinstein, of course.

looks like that asshole billbray is going to win down here in the 50th, but it is money land like Rancho Santa Fe that's voting in that one.
oh, sorry, "values voters". ugh.

zazou said...

Hi Mike,

I voted paper ballot in Golden Hill- a mess. I understand there may not be a machine to count the paper ballots,,,

Tom Harper said...

My vote went fine 2 weeks ago when I mailed in my ballot. The county I live in does all voting by mail. It's not a perfect system but at least we don't have Diebold hanging over our heads.

Landcomm1 said...

Our optical scanners did okay, although our Governor's race is still undecided. New agenda item for Congress: election reform to include paper validation and cheat-free machines. We did good. Time to work with the new team to make things better!