Monday, November 06, 2006

Those damn moonbats!

I mean, who do those commie pinkos over at the Army Times think they are??

Calling for Rummy to step down.
How dare they.

Oh, and then this crazed barking at the moon liberal named USMC1stSgtRetired in the comments section thinks he knows it all:

"Been to Iraq. Seen the goat fuck. I've been saying since 2003 this is like Vietnam. we live in base camps, go out, take ground, and give it back. Instead of jungles, urban areas. Instead of VC, we have the Muj. It did not have to be this way. If we would have gone in in force, instead of thinking once we ousted Saddam, all the different groups there would sit down and sing kumbaya together, this mission wouldn't have drifted into the chaos that it has.
Not only should Rumsfeld go, but Bush shoud be out the door two steps in front of him. He's the Commander in Chief. In the military, a commander reaps the rewards for success, or takes reponsibility for failure. By the way, I am a life-long Republican. I hated Clinton, almost got out while he was President. As a republican, I think Bush has set our party back 50 years."

Damn these moonbats, have they no shame!!!??
We invade a nation that wasn't a threat to us and send it into chaos, did they expect flower pedals and candy?


Ricardo said...

If only he would have left a few years ago. I want him out but I fear it's too late. He's done his damage to this country. Irreparable damage.

Tom Harper said...

You're right, damn those moonbats. What would a war veteran know? Only chickenhawks are qualified to make these decisions.

Karen said...

Don't forget to vote today!!

Landcomm1 said...

Carpe Diem! for today's voting effort. Hopefully our efforts will result in a clear message to Bush: You suck! Rummy sucks! You all suck! Was that harsh?

I can only hope the Navy Times helped to convince any sailors who had not voted before today, to make the right choice and vote against (the majority of) Republicans.

Good luck everyone!