Monday, October 23, 2006

Um, OK, Georgie.. I guess we were all in a dream.

When we heard you say "stay the course" about 10 thousand times, you fucking asshole..


Tom Harper said...

Easy on the poor little shit, now. He's been almost four days without swilling down a bottle of Jack Daniels; he's having his moments.

Brad said...

I believe the actual number is 183. At least those in print. These fuckers really take the American people for fools, and usually they're right.

For some recent post-Rage goodness, you should check out the song Zack did with DJ Shadow right after the start of the war. It's called "March of Death," and it's pretty sick. You can find it here.

Mike V. said...

Seriously. Recovering indeed..

And thanks for the heads up, Brad.