Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I hear they needed a bass player. Skilling rips like Flea

OK, for now, it looks like the guy's going away for a quarter century.

BUT, maybe Lay is still alive and faked his own death.
He's down in Central America.

Elvis on vocals and guitar, Kenny Boy on drums.
Skilling with a sock on his cock on bass after he fakes his death, too?

Hey, stranger things have happened.


Tom Harper said...

I saw Kenny at the ice cream parlor just yesterday. It was so touching. He was sitting there with Cherry Garcia dribbling down his chin. He kept reciting Enron's profit margin from fiscal 2000. I'm getting verklempt; talk amongst yourselves...

LA said...

They need a bass player just like Supernova!

I'm glad, at least, Skilling is on his way to the big house.