Thursday, October 19, 2006

This week: RIP The Constitution of the United States of America

And the possible beginning of the end of this great Democratic Republic at the hands of an AWOL chickenhawk coward by the name of George Walker Bush upon the signing of the Military Commisions Act.
I will leave it in the capable hands of Keith Olbermann who puts it very well.


blog Portland said...

That's pretty powerful stuff. Let's hope he doesn't end up in a "happy fun camp" for saying it.

Tom Harper said...

That's a very stirring speech. I posted about it too; I hope a lot of people do.

Mike V. said...

KO gets it right pretty damn often.
The sad part is what he is in fact right ABOUT..

Al said...

hey mike , thanks for your comment on my site. i hope you did read the forum what it was about. so its good to know that there are still people out there who do care .
i appreciate it very much.

keep up the spirit.

Big Al

Brad said...

I can't believe he's actually still on the air. I guess without him, though, they really can't whine about any sort of liberal media, so he's a necessary evil for the Republican'ts.

Mike V. said...

you're welcome, Al. Yea, I saw that forum. there are some kooks out there.
like anyone that hates america, I fall on the side of free speech. you know, like the moonbats.

brad, I'm not even sure what's so liberal in the large picture about Olbermannn.
not liking Bush and wanting to preserve our rights under the constitution sure don't sound that liberal to me. then again, what do I know, I want the terrorists to win..