Wednesday, September 20, 2006

El Diablo!

Like a traveling preacher, you have to give Chavez credit.
He pulls no fucking punches.

At the UN, he called Bush "the devil". On the floor of the General Assembly. That fucking rox. Oh, and he did the sign of the cross, of course. Too funny.

And I love that he holds up a Spanish language version of the latest Chomsky book (in the photo here).
Like any of the Bush bots- or even Bush himself- would know who that is..


Tom Harper said...

Good for Chavez. He has more balls than the whole Bush Crime Family put together.

As an extra bonus, rightwing bloggers are having a mass hissyfit over Chavez' speech.

Mike V. said...

Oh, I can only imagine.

They must all be collectively bursting a vein in their melons..

Love it.

ariadneK, Ph.D. said...

FUCKING classic...I got a major kick out of this!!!

Jon said...

You people are disgusting and should be ashamed of yourselves, this dispictable man called our President names and just because you don't like the man, you should have more respect for the leader of our great nation. Instead you applaud these mad men that truly run their countries like dictators (not the lies you all have been telling about President Bush).

Mike V. said...

What lies, Jon?

Tell us all about the people in Venezuela, please. How they are worse off now than before Chavez.

And fuck Bush and any respect that I am supposed to have for him.
Fuck him AND the Oval office.
I don't have to have respect for some fucking phony cowboy that I didn't vote for and has drug this country in a horrifying position.
We're having conversations about whether or not we're going to torture people, Jon.
How fucking Christian of the U.S.

Fuck all you Bush Bot appologists.

Landcomm1 said...


Clearly you just flew in on the shuttle, right? Your president has violated that piece of paper which once made our country great: the Constitution. He is busy trying to violate is again and again. His dictatorial style has him trying to weasel his way around the Geneva Convention so that again, he can violate the Constitution; he is also busy spying on Americans in a way which, I'm sad to report, is currently against the law and will almost certainly be ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Why you ask? Because there is a law in place which works, if obeyed. Bush and his torture specialist Gonzalez have simply chosen to ignore good law and make their own. This effort, as noted, will also likely be ruled unconstitutional.

How many times does your Lord Bush need to violate the constitution unnecessarily for your dumn ass to wake up and realize that the man is helplessly clueless and is leading us toward possible doom? Oh, maybe you're one of the fine religious folks who embrace doom and really, would rather meet your supposed maker rather than go to your boring job each day or enjoy your wife and kids on this, the real earth.

Get real, man. Our economy is slipping away, our middle class is struggling, health care, education, jobs, wages, all in trouble thanks to the fantastic job the Republican Party is doing. Sweet. Chavez may be a nut-job but thus-far no one has accused him of being a criminal. If we get some people in the Senate, Congress and even the White House with a set like Chavez, maybe Bush will at long last be charged with crimes he continues to commit.

You can dose yourself up with the drugs you must be on, again and go back to sleep now, thanks!

Landcomm1 said...

1 dumn = dumb
2 Okay, Chavez may be a criminal by I'm not aware of any criminal behavior on his part whereas in the case of Dubya? Yup? Been there, done that. As soon as the Supreme Court ruled his Kangaroo Courts UNCONSTITUTIONAL we has our first glimpse of activity deemed well, just a bit against the law. Something about thousands of illegal prisons, kangaroo trials in Cuba where prisoners are being held without charges and he wants to try them without evidence or defence. Nice guy, Jon!

Sar said...

Wow. I don't know what's more entertaining, Chavez, this post, or these comments.

Mike V. said...

seriously, I guy that runs a web site dedicated to cars that go around in a fucking circle.

go back to that, Jon.

Ricardo said...

I love Jon. Don't agree with him, but I love him. God bless him.

Now then, about this speech he gave; that was some display of brass balls. I'm not sure how I feel about this guy but he did make me laugh with the ""smell of sulfur" line.

theWatchList said...

Wow, the people who find this Chavez thing funny seem to be far and few between. I'm from a dark dark red state though so it's the norm here for people to get all "how dare he"...

I know that this sounds like shameless advertising and what not (and if you would like to delete my comment I fully understand), but I made a photochopped attempt at a humorous post (titled "No Sympathy For the Devil") about the ordeal and was wondering if I could get some opinions on it?

If you'd be so kind to check it out, you can see it here.

Mike V. said...

that was pretty good.

BTW, that link doesn't work, but because I be all smart and stuff, I figured it out.

Senor said...

The Left never met a thug they didnt like. Now we find out that Jimmy Carter didnt really think the elections for Chavez were legit, he only said that because to say otherwise might cause violence.
Libtards have no balls to fight evil. They've never met a dictator they didnt admire. Amadnejad, Castro, Chavez....all heroes of the moonbats.

Chavez sounded like a democrat up at the podium. No wonder you all are creaming your panties.

Mike V. said...

I'd take him in a heartbeat over the criminal coward bush.

LA said...

He held up a book of Chomsky? That's freaking classic!

Bush-bots = great word to add to my lexicon. Thanks, Mike! :)

El Charolastra said...

though i loathe the present administration, Chavez is a fucking gypsy douchebag.

dusty said...

Jon must drink the Koolaid by the pitcher..thats all I am gonna say..someone called the Asshat-in-Chief a bad name? Jeebus..we are lucky no one tries to off the sucker with all the crap he has pulled while in office.

gawfer said...

Well Mike I gotta say, I am very dissapointed in you.

You have now shown to everyone that are one of the most unamerican bloggers on the web.

Gawfer won't be back to this steaming pile of vomit, and I'm guessing a lot of your readers will feel the same way.

Though you disagree with the politics of the president, being a man with honor and integrity means you back your fellow americans up when someone comes into your house and bashes them. Clearly, you have neither honor or integrity, and I bet you wouldn't even back your wife up is someone disrespected her.

Before this post, I Had respected your views and enoyed the differences in opinion, but when you took a stand and aligned yourself with one who has declared war on the United States, you yourself become a traitor to the United States.

jarhead john said...

What I think of Bush is irrelavent. I'd think Chavez was a scumbag if he's said it about any sitting President. For you to bash the President is one thing, he's your President, in your country. To get joy out of seeing a common punk from some OTHER country stand on our soil and bash our President speaks volumes about you. Anti-American is indeed accurate in your case.

Mike V. said...

I'm un-American because Chavez makes me laugh?
Bush has brought shame on this country and there is no way in hell I would ever stand up for him.
I think he's a traitor to our nation and should go to jail.

It's my opinion that supporting this president means having blood on one's hands.

And of course I would stand up for my wife should someone disrespect her.
What does one thing have to do with the other? My wife stand by me, my president certainly does not stand by our country in any way shape or form.

I don't believe in that whole "respect for the office" crap, particularly in this case.

As soon as someone can prove to me that he won fair and square in the first place, at least I would believe that the majority of voters wanted him in office.
I don't think that's the case, though.

Gunz said...

LIVE from the land of fruits and nuts it's MOONBAT live!

Don't change that channel! Coming up...

How to live under 2, hell maybe 3 or 4 banners. How to be a whack job traitor to your country and talk about how you L-O-V-E California, the land of diversity...Never mind how it got that way and how TRUE Americans have served, fought, and died to let peter puffers puff peters and the likes of you to show your ungreatful gratitude towards everything you praise. Get a grip dip shit. Love it or leave it! But that would be to hard, you LOVE everything this flag stands for that men and woman are dying for. No you little twirp you'll praise another leader because you are a serious worthless creature of contradiction like all moonbats are. Idiot!


Gunz said...

"Get real, man. Our economy is slipping away, our middle class is struggling, health care, education, jobs, wages, all in trouble thanks to the fantastic job the Republican Party is doing."

WTF? Get outside more you all sheeesh... The DOW is on the verge of setting an all time record. Only a few points shy. Probably tommorrow.

The stock market is a reflection of the ECONOMY. The ECONOMY is BOOMING. Unemployment is at ALL time LOW. Medical? That's your own damn responsibilty. Socialist countries cover health care for EVERYONE. We are not a socialist state. We're actually a Republic. We are not even supposed to be a Democracy. It is YOUR responsibilty not mine. Take care of your own damn self I do not want my tax dollars in a federal system allocated for that.

Wages? Just fine. It's called skill sets. Are you a burger flipper complaing about minimum wage? Go to school and get better training then. Go get a job that pays more.

Education? Theres no problem there. If anything the kids are required to learn to much to fast. Test scores say kids are brighter than ever before and what they are taught is a reflection of the REAL world. It's fast paced and tough. School should be also, or you're setting up failure. You quit school these days and you're screwed. Teachers should be paid more thats my gripe and not education in general. The solution is to cut crime and those poverty schools will benefit in the cities. Blame your liberal judges for letting criminals go time after time not BUSH. Complain about needing more cops! They are criminals because they were to damn lazy to find a job! they are out there! Plenty.

Complain about illegals taking jobs from legal citizens out your way. Wait, you're hispanic so maybe this is your problem. Cousin Jose is illegal and can't work here and make any money. Boo-Fuckin Hoo!

The Republican Party is in fine shape in all those categories listed. The Dummy-crats knows this, and that's why the state of panic has started and are STILL without a plan or platform to run on. Anti war is the issue with them and the war is gaining new strength because the enemy is. Don't blame that on Bush, those thugs are bred to hate. You all are screwed in 2008. Another 9.11 and the Democrats will never see the White House again.

Guess what? This war can't be won, it's the last one we'll ever see. The best we can do is stay in the fight and keep killing as many of those 'sheet' heads we can. Semper Fi!

Mike V. said...

Gunz, so we're supposed to "love it or leave it"? what a turd.
How un-american of you.
Why DO you hate America so much?

BTW, your other non-sequitor filled comment makes about as much sense:

The dollar has plummeted against just about all currencies that matter.
There has been NO increase at all in any job creation other than service-related and some medical.
That is a fact from the US labor dept.
The stock market is up because profits are up.
Wages are down. They have been stagnant or down since 2001.
That is a fact as also reported by the labor department.

Many of us are in fact concerned with illegals coming into the country and the affect that is having on jobs and wages here.
The fact, however, is that the rethugs have done nothing to fix it.
In fact, they have done LESS than nothing to fix it as crack-downs on companies that hire illegals has gone down by over 50 percent under BushCo and the corporate thugs in congress even though illegal immigration has not decreased.

Bush has cut spending on cops and crime in this country, unlike under Clinton when it increased more than ever.
That's why crime is up.
People also never want to see their taxes raised to hire more cops and pay them well.

The staggering amount of people without the ability to obtain health care affects us all.
We wind up paying two fold or more to treat people that have to resort to using emergency rooms and public hospitals rather than having constant care to stay healthy and catch stuff before it gets bad.

Our country is in a world of shit thanks to assholes like you who love Bush.
He is a criminal torturer and should be behind bars.

Gunz said...

Quit believing everything you read that's your problem.

How many of those so called unemployment numbers are flat out to damn lazy to work? I'd say collectively in the millions. How many were left jobless after Katrina? Oh ok I see it's all about Bush. He created Katrina too in a secret lab. Man take of your nerdy rim taped glasses and smell the roses and quit for God's sake believing everything you read! That's why you hate Bush so much. Go ahead, come on over the right. Always room for one more, but leave the New York times by the john.

Listen it's called common sense. Find some. And by the way Bush IS an idiot. But it's not all his fault and we can agree on ONE thing there; Bush IS NOT the best for this country but show me a viable democrat that has a sack to fight these camel jockey's that would slit a left wingers throat as well as a conservatives.

I said complain about cops. That was a clue I agreed.

Gunz said...

As a footnote: The congress is so far divided both our gripes will NEVER get fixed. The best solution which is impossible is to put term limits on them like the President and for you not to blame your side as much as the right is irresponsible. I'll say both sides have issues...

Career Politicians are BAD for this country. RIGHT OR LEFT!

People complain but vote these bastards right back in.

Mike V. said...

You seem to have a reading comprehension problem (among other things).

Please point me to the part of my comment where I said that unemployment was up.

I don't believe everything I read.
That's why stand firm against the Bush administration.
They have been coddled and unchallenged by the mainstream media for over 5 years.

Oh, and as for Katrina and jobs?
In the aftermath of that storm in the middle of the night, Bush suspending the Davis Bacon Act which says that contractors working for the government have to pay going rates for labor.
So in other words, the contractor were awarded a blank check from the US Gubment, then were allowed to screw over some of the very people who were wrecked by the storm and were trying to rebuild their community.
Next, Homeland Security (also in the middle of the night on a weekend) issued an order stating that they would NOT procecute any contractor for hiring people who could not prove they had the legal right to work in this country.

Love them right-wingers!!

Gunz said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Gunz said...

I messed up...

I should of said unemployement is at an all time LOW for those WILLING to work.

Labor jobs are a dime a dozen for those not afraid to have sore muscles and calusus on their baby smooth hands.

Unemployent rates by the LABOR DEPT does not reflect excuses! America is one lazy nation. Look at the obesity rate! Take away welfare and unemployment extensions and watch the numbers climb. Quit rewarding those to lazy to work. They will find work believe me. Most but not all. Some are so lazy they will move back in with mom and dad before they have to sweat.

Gunz said...

Damn thing took my comment twice...

Gunz said...

Hey man how many millions went into that Super Dome so they could have football back? TRY 180 MILLION! LMAO! Who is the crooks down there? Hmmm the Mayor? Nagin maybe? The ultimate Bush hater? Give it up bro you're lost. The Super Dome was more important than filling the holes in the roads and rebuilding PEOPLE homes? Whats up with that? Bush sent money there. That took a chunk! That was New Orleans' top priority? Damn......

Mike V. said...

OK, one more time because you seem to REALLY have a reading comprehension problem: I was not talking about UNEMPLOYMENT, I was talking about the types of jobs that have actually been created.
Now, as for "working man" jobs, those are just the kind that have LOST.
In fact, over 2 million good paying manufacturing jobs have been lost since 2001.
Just the type of jobs that pay well and provide good benefits.
The kind of jobs that americans need.
And in the service job area, that is growing, but more and more good paying union jobs are lost to filth like Wal Mart.
My commmunity doesn't need those assholes selling Tide for 50 cents a bottle less. We need good paying jobs with benefits.

Which is why I raised the points about Bush and Homeland pulling the rug out from underneath working people in the Gulf region with their actions.
The contractors there got a whole lot more free money.

If these issues are too tough for you to understand, I'm sorry.
Your command of the English language makes it apparent that you don't really understand a heck of a lot other than talking points from Fox News.

Gunz said...

LOL AND YOU MY DUMBER THAN A DOOR NAIL FRIEND NEED TO GET YOUR MOONBAT ASS AWAY FROM MSNBC AND CNN! ALL CAPS BECAUSE YOU BLIND LEFTWING PUPPET NEED TO WAKE THE HELL UP! Ahemm. seriously, you'd be better off being yourself. Who are you trying to impress here? Your buds? What you said could be explained in 30 words are less. You hate it when I'm right. LOL Thats exactly why you get all intellectual when in fact you're just trying disguise defeat. SPIN IT! You all are good at that shit for sure.

You're a puss looking for a handout. Typical socialist behavior. Later commie! I've picked on you enough...

Mike V. said...

Ah, of course.
I am a socialist.
Or a communist.
Which is it?
Do you even know the meaning of either of those words?

Have I ever advocated the abolition of private property and the running of all the means of production by the state?
Find it in my blog if you can.
What handout are you talking about?

You know you are insane, right?

Then again, you appear to be friends with "gawfer" who also is nuts.

1)I have a job. One that pays well.
2)I don't watch CNN or MSNBC. Or ABC, or CBS or FOX. Certainly none of them for "news". I would rather watch Law and Order reruns in HiDef.