Saturday, September 23, 2006

OpEd Week in review. What you might have missed last week:

Best ones that I have read last week.
All are set to open in a new window when you click on a link so you can stay here.

Paul Craig Roberts, War Criminal at Bay

President George Bush, betrayed by the neoconservatives whom he elevated to power and by his Attorney General, Torture Gonzales who gave him wrong legal advice, is locked in a desperate struggle with the Republican Congress to save himself from war crimes charges at the expense of America’s reputation and our soldiers’ fate.

John W. Dean, Why are We Suddenly at War with "Islamic Fascists"?

The latest orchestrated war-speak from Bush Administration officials, as they ramp up their oratory for the mid-term election, has recast Islamic militants and terrorists as "Islamic fascists." Thus, as we approach the five-year mark since terrorists attacked Americans on our own soil, the Administration is redefining the enemy - once again.

Mike Whitney, The Surprising End of The New American Century

The Iranian Mullahs have one advantage over the Bush administration if war breaks out. They know what Bush plans to do. They know that he intends to bomb numerous targets which are unrelated to the nuclear facilities, and they know that his ultimate goal is “regime change”. This fits into America’s larger regional-wide schema of crushing indigenous resistance movements (Hamas and Hezbollah), redrawing the map of the Middle East, and integrating the oil of the Caspian Basin into the US-controlled economic system.

M. Kane Jeeves (AKA Ed Naha) Post-Traumatic Bush Disorder

In the old film noire flick “The Blue Dahlia,” the hero’s best friend, a guy named Buzz (played by William Bendix), comes back from the war shell-shocked, with a metal plate in his head to boot. He totally snaps whenever he hears what he calls “monkey music.”
Well, call me Buzz, cuz I go bananas whenever I hear or (unfortunately) see our Chimp-in-Chief hold a press conference or speak in public. I grasp my head, roll my eyes and recoil at the “monkey mucus.”
For the past few weeks, our cheerleader-in-chief has been holding a continuous pep rally, chanting “T-O-R-T-U-R-E seems like freedom to M-E!”

Sidney Blumenthal, How Bad is He? (very long MUST read)

Immediately upon assuming office, Bush launched upon a series of initiatives that began to undo the bipartisan traditions of internationalism, environmentalism, fiscal discipline, and scientific progress. His first nine months in office were a quick march to the right. The reasons were manifold, ranging from Cheney and Rumsfeld's extraordinary influence, Rove's strategies, the neoconservatives' inordinate sway, and Bush's Southern conservatism. These deeper patterns were initially obscured by the surprising rapidity of Bush's determined tack.


SheaNC said...

Reality is too depressing, man. We're sailing into what is colloqially known as "some serious shit."

Sar said...

Hey Mike, you'll have to teach me how to do that set links to a new window trick.

Btw, look for the transcript from the oversight hearings on Iraq from today.

Tom Harper said...

Nice collection of stories, especially that first one, "War Criminal at Bay." We've gotta be careful. You know how dangerous a wounded or cornered animal is. Bush is desperate. I don't know what the October Surprise will be, but it'll be a doozer.

Senor said...

I swear, you move more to the lunatic left each day. I cant wait to hear the nutjob conspiracy theories in Nov.

Mike V. said...

yea, particularly old Paul Craig Roberts, that moonbat that writes the supply side econ books and used to work for the Reagan administration.

I defy you to debate TWO points from any of these articles.

Landcomm1 said...

Maybe Senor should move to Mexico. Corruption is vastly more transparent there!

dusty said...

God, I swear anymore lunacy from the Oval Office and I am going into the bomb shelter and not coming out till after the Nov Elections..

LA said...

Senor has never left a comment with any true content. It's always just finger-pointing and name-calling. Just saying.

And now that it's officially documented that we are LESS safe from terrorists than we were on 9/11, I wonder what Senor thinks of the human price we've paid in Iraq?

Mike V. said...

if you are expecting a good answer from his dope-addled brain, ya'll are going to be waiting for a LONG time..

LA said...

Don't worry, Mike. It was a rhetorical query. :)