Monday, September 18, 2006

God, "Islamo-fascists", the Pope, torture, Oh My!

I was talking with someone the other day about the radical muslims, the way that they act and the countries that support them. The whole Pope-on-Islam thing started it.

My point being that some Christians have a long history of acting crazy and murdering people in the name of their God as well.
Ah, my friend points out, that was hundreds of years ago, how many people have been murdered in God's name now?
Well, in my mind, Bush is doing that (in his mind) but I see what he's getting at.

Then I got to thinking on the history later on.
I mean, you can ponder this stuff all day, but there's work to be done and lawns to be mowed, etc..

What happened in the last several hundred years that stopped that kind of thing by radical Christians?

Ah ha! The United States of America and our Constitution.
We became the standard bearer for western nations.
Keeping the crazies in their place. No more burning people at the stake.

Our saving grace (as it were) in western nations is that we put the religious crazies in check.
Now, a lot of relatively sane people are angry at the removal of God from the public square, but you know, in the face of the opposite, I think that's OK.

So when Bush says that he's waterboarding in the name of God, amen, he's no better than the handful of animals that pray to Allah and smite the heathens.

Here's the rub, our actions have made it worse. Even in the middle east where these religions are not as "marginalized" as Christian religions are in the west.
The Taliban has a nice foothold in Afghanistan again. Radical Shiites have a place in government in Iraq. Not good things.

Our founding fathers had it right.

Bush is trying to turn that on its ear.
By electrocuting some brown guy's balls in the name of God. Amen.


Sar said...

You're right. Funny little thing called the crusades. And you're right. Funny little thing called the Constitution.

It's still disheartening to see newsclips with images of burning German and American flags along with a pile of clothes representing the Pope.

Holy wars? Holy crap.

Tom Harper said...

That's exactly right. Our form of government (so far anyway) is what's keeping the Bible crazies in line. They'd be stoning and burning and beheading people left and right if they could. Thank God for our Constitution. Let's hope we can keep it.

Grandma said...

Bit by bit they keep chipping away at the Constitution. It is extremly important that we remain vigilant and in contact with our rperesentatives to let them know what we think. There was a very good reason to keep religion separate from government.

Mike V. said...

see, mom knows everything.. :)

Landcomm1 said...

Sadly, our state is represented in Congress by a republican (Ramstad) and in the Senate by a republican (Coleman). Senator Dayton no longer counts as he's given up, ineffective and stands for nothing. I write and call both Republicans and they send me nice form letters but sadly, they simply do not give a shit about anything or anyone unless it is associated with the GOP. They are both bastards! Ex Air America radio host Wendy Wilde is running against Ramstad but he's well funded and just about impossible to knock out of office. In '08 I am hoping current Air America host, Al Franken will be running against Coleman, who isn't from here and needs to drag his sorry ass back to New York where his own people can kick it!

SheaNC said...

Bringing back crusades and theocracy is conservative extremism... leave it to the neocons to turn what should be an oxymoron into a political philosophy!

Mike V. said...

hell yea. clear skies, healthy forests..
they're full of good ideas.

Oskar Syahbana said...

Well I'm a moslem. And it's real refreshing to read your post ;-) (considering the state of the religion ATM). Thanks!

jen said...

dude, you are totally right on. it's refreshing after seeing all these blog mad sites of bush lovers. thanks

Mike V. said...

well, thanks, Jen.
I have noticed a lot of Bush-loving blogs.
maybe they are being commanded by Satan.. :)