Friday, July 28, 2006

Wait and see from Bush Co.

Most of the world (outside the Bush administration and the Blair "administration") are wondering why it has taken so long in trying to broker some kind of cease fire and more open lines of dialog in the on-going border war with Israel.

Condi is quoted here 'she would return to the Middle East "when it is right"' but no timetable, etc..
Today, we hear she is flying out in a day or so.

I think we are losing sight of a possible bigger picture here, though.

At the moment, you could argue that the US and Iran are now fighting each other in a proxy war.
If it widens, if Iran doesn't step off and the US does not try and cool this thing off a bit, we could get pulled into a full blown war with Iran along side Israel.
And I have a feeling that's exactly what the neo-cons in the Bush administration are looking for.
We are already hearing rattlings from certain neo-cons and their buddies that we are now involved in WW3.

Given the current situation in Iraq, any involvement in Iran would surely not be a ground war, though, you can guarantee that.

To top it off, there is not much reason for EITHER side to quell the violence in the Middle East any time soon because Exxon, BP and the Iranians all are in love with what is closing in on 80 dollar a barrel oil.. 10 billion in profits, motherfuckers..

And even though the house of Saud made their puppet Bush sling shot his girl Condi over there the other day, that was probably all for show. They're not too upset about 80 dollar a barrel oil, either.

I'm glad that at the least they are talking about doing something as of today, but I'm still not going to hold my breath.

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