Wednesday, July 26, 2006

We need morepower, Mr. Scott!

Off to space with some of his ashes.

His, being James Doohan.

A speck or so of the dearly departed Star Trek engineer "will have a few grams of his ashes blasted 70 miles into space this fall from southern New Mexico."

Scotty always gave it all he had from his beloved USS Enterprise.


dusty said...

I liked scotty the best. I think its great his ashes will be launched into space.

Sar said...

I grew up watching classic Star Trek. Scotty always found a way to give the Enterprise more juice when it was seemingly tanked. I'll betcha if Scotty were around and in charge, I wouldn't be paying over 3 bucks a gallon at the pump.

Landcomm1 said...

Nice, Mike. Keep things light and fun but on with the mission! :-)

Leon said...

R.I.P Scotty. Starfleet will miss you. Came over from The Ricardo web.

Mike V. said...

My favorite was always Mr. Spock, but I felt bad for him because he only got to get it on like once every 7 years... :)

Then he and Kirk would have to have a knife fight or something.

SheaNC said...

Right on. I posted a sad memorial on three blogs when he dies. I'm glad he's finally getting off the planet!