Thursday, July 06, 2006

Give the Rude Pundit props on reporting Coulter plagiarism

Well, Raw Story does for sure, though her stealing is also starting to make some traction in the MSM.
As you can see in the video below. No props for the Rude one there, though..

Sadly, in the video, you will have to cover your eyes at times because they keep showing the ugly whore over and over again. I would rather look at a dark screen with Olbermann and the other dude yapping.

Anyway, also check out today's post from the Rude Pundit.
There are links in there to some older one's as well.

In the grand scheme of things, I could give a crap if she cribbed from other people.

But if the dumb bitch can be knocked down a peg for ripping off other people's work and calling it her own, then have at it.
Just like the pill-popper Rush, it's the hypocricy, stupid..


Landcomm1 said...

I saw the Keith Olbermann story. Seemed reasonably well done without going as far as it could have. Because of the she-bitch's popularity with the right (derived I am convinced through satanic power), it is not likely anything will come of her harvesting the work of others, regardless of the fact she cannot write any better than her savior George W. Bush can speak!

Matt Vella said...

I think the fact that she's not a fat slobbering drug addict and decent looking through the magic of airbrushing (although they must work overtime on her mug) is what sets her apart for the rabid "right" wing types.

That and that she's a bit over the top, what with calling the 9/11 widows harpies and all that. I wish she'd take a page from the book of Ken Lay and drop dead.

What kills me is that she will most likely have no backlash at all from this.

I like the little pirate eye patch they put on her, though.

Mike V. said...

pirates are always a nice touch.

here's the thing, like I said, I could care less in the grand scheme of things, BUT in the world of "journalism" this is a big deal.
well, she's not a journalist, she's an opinion "writer".
the problem is that a lot of places might be afraid to touch this about her because they are afraid of being branded part of the "liberal media".

I read the stuff myself, and saw the orginal texts, too.
She fucking lifted stuff, there is no doubt.

Her adams apple must be working overtime today while she works on her third pack of fags..

Landcomm1 said...

LOL Being part of the "pack of fags" I am convinced she's a (bad) drag queen sent to earth by the collective population of a pissed off neighboring planet, hoping to revenge the pain and suffering brought on the galaxy thanks to the birth-mother Barbara Bush. Okay, maybe a stretch but there is that adam's apple...

Mike V. said...

you don't look like a cigarette to me!

Diane said...

where can I contribute to the defense fund for the next college kid to hit her with a pie?

Mike V. said... :)