Thursday, July 06, 2006

Oh, what a fun political season ahead for those close to the Mexican border

And that means those of us in San Diego, of course.
Over the next few months, there will be lots of talking heads, wringing of hands, yelling at poor Mexicans and general histrionics.
All of which will accomplish nothing, of course.

Some of it has started in Imperial Beach, CA (part of southern San Diego County)

I think poli-sci professor Gary Jacobson from the University of San Diego put it best when he said:
"It's a way of pretending to do something without doing it. It's not like they're ignoring the issue, they're taking some action. But the action is not designed to accomplish anything."

For sure.

It's my opinion that there will by much talk and little action by the republican-controlled congress.
They won't upset the apple cart (literally) by busting employers. Too much money from them.
And EVERYONE loves the cheap labor.
But they will use the flow of poor people across the border as a platform for re-election.

So long as there is a demand, there will be a supply.
We need to crack down on labor laws of all stripes. No one deserves poverty wages or deplorable working conditions.


Landcomm1 said...

The Republicans are grandstanding and seem so successful at it. Having lived for years in Chula Vista, there was many a night when I was awakened to the sounds of illegals walking north through the field behind my house. We seem incapable of closing our border(s) and I would agree, the Republicans are not going to crack down on businesses any more this year than last year. It's just another lie. What bothers me more at the moment is what I believe to be a lower level of action by the Democratic Party than there should be. When do we get OUR spin machine in gear? I know we're making progress but it seems we're barely in 1st gear...

Landcomm1 said...

As noted in my earlier comment, having lived in San Diego, I have some experience with the matter of illegal immigration. I posted a thought or two in as eloquent a manner possible. It really is a crock though, what these Republicans are doing. Keep up the great work, Mike!

Mike V. said...

thank you as usual for your kind words.

what we need, more than anything, more than any ONE party are men and women in office that are working for the working people and families and middle class of this great nation.
clean water, clean air, safe working environments, good benefits and pay, etc..

not a lot of them around right now, though..

SheaNC said...

I always say, if they would start actually prosecuting employers, then you might see some changes!