Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Administration changes stance on "war on terror" detainees

Although according to Tony Snow (trying to keep the prez out of the clink if tried for war crimes) says that:

"It's not really a reversal of policy," Snow asserted, calling the Supreme Court decision "complex."

Good one, Tony. On the ball as usual.


Alberto Gonzales, memo to the president, Jan. 25, 2002: "As you have said, the war against terrorism is a new kind of war ... In my judgment, this new paradigm renders obsolete [the Geneva Conventions'] strict limitations on questioning of enemy prisoners and renders quaint some of its provisions."

Donald Rumsfeld's office, memo to military officials, July 7, 2006: "The Supreme Court has determined that Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions of 1949 applies as a matter of law to the conflict with Al Qaeda ... You will ensure that all DoD personnel adhere to these standards."

See, people, this is something we used to call "checks and balances" back in the old days.

And let's understand something, people seem to think for some reason that we rounded up all these assholes off the battlefield or in the process of cutting someone's head off.
A lot of these dudes were fucking rounded up gestapo-style with a knock on the door in the middle of the night based on a tip from someone looking for money from Uncle Fucking Sam.

If you have something on a motherfucker, then try his ass, or send him the fuck back home.

People are shocked, shocked I say, when they hear about some animal in Iraq or wherever brutalizing a military member or a contractor when we're sinking to their own level all over the world.

The perception of the US around the world has been ruined thanks to the neo-cons and their puppet Bush.


Jenn of the Jungle said...

Bif difference between spending time @ Club Gitmo and being beheaded. If you can't see the difference it's probably due to the fact that your head is too far up your ass.

Good day.

guppyman said...

I'd have to go along with Jenn there....

You have a seriously warped sense of right and wrong...

Mike V. said...

Let me see if I understand you two correctly.

We completely trash all that we stand for as a nation and a sense of justice, but the ends justify the means because they are more bad than we are.

What a great moral compass you two morons have.

Did it ever even occur to you two simpletons that we're supposed to be the ones SETTING the standard for justice?

To top it off, the whole POINT of the excersize is that if we are going to call someone an "enemy of the state" or whatever, then let the asshole have his day in court.

For some reason, you so-called "conservatives" have no problem with a supreme executive and abandoning the entire process of checks and balances.

How in the FUCK is that "conservative"??

I think it's time to start house to house searches in this country.
Your places first.
You shouldn't have a problem with it, if you have done nothing wrong.

Fight The Good Fight! said...

How can you comment on that california is the greatest state in the union? Q: have you lived anywhere else being a native a CA?

Fight The Good Fight! said...

hi jen!

Fight The Good Fight! said...

I will be comming back to CA soon!
Actually I love CA! Been all over the greatest state for 15 years!

Karen said...

he takes the term *mf* to a whole level and even has his own condom... come on over to my place and check it out!

Fight The Good Fight! said...

are you lesbian?

Tom Harper said...

Whenever Bush gets defeated (it happens once in awhile), he always saves face by saying "this isn't a reversal," or "right, that's what I meant." And yes, we're supposed to be SETTING the standards, not mimicing every vile act that the Islamic terrorists commit.

The standard wingnut line is "why don't you want to be spied on? What are you hiding?" Let's turn that around. Why don't the wingnuts want these Gitmo prisoners to be tried in court? Are they afraid they'll be found not guilty?

Calling all rightwing nutcases: Any of you got an answer?

Mike V. said...

Question one: Yes, I have lived elsewhere for a couple years, and have visited a good deal of our nation, some places extensively. That being said: The greatest state=CA, the greatest city in the world=NYC

Question two: I think she's married to a man.
Though hot lesbian action is always welcome here.

let's just put it this way:
they are insane.
how else would you describe people who call themselves "conservative" americans who in turn hate our country and our constitution??

Landcomm1 said...

Wow, Mike, venom. I like. I spent the years 1979 to 1980 proudly traveling the high seas, showing off our flag and standing up for what we as a nation once stood for. We have been known for animal behavior in the past but never in my short 45 years have we as a people been more despised for our actions both within and outside our borders.

Call me a commie, pink-o, fag if you will (although I’m no commie, I don’t mind the color pink and I am gay…) but I am patently disgusted by the barefaced lies, illegal activities and other misdeeds our increasingly fascist Republican Party is responsible for. And don’t give me any of your regressive, right-wing, neo-con bullshit. I was a Republican until the Bush family came along and began to prove how incompetent and void of intelligence they as a kissing-cousin clan really are.

If the lawless, wild-west is your picture-perfect dream of America, you’ve got it. While the Republican spin machine churns out goodie-goodie news, our country is fiscally bankrupt but we keep tossing money into a war we either can’t or don’t want to win. We have one of the highest infant mortality rates in any developed nation, yet abortion is horrible. We have elderly who need to choose between their canned Alpo and pharmaceuticals. We have a failing education system which fewer young adults can afford to attend. Meanwhile, our jobs are being schlepped off to places like Metro Manila… Boy, does it get any better than that?

The manner in which we treated these prisoners was, is and continues to be deplorable. Meanwhile, here in our delightfully civilized nation, you can be a mother killing, child raping, drug addicted bank robber and get to spend your live in prisons complete with Internet access, color, cable television, three hots and a comfortable cell. All this after a trial in which you were defended, tried and found guilty by a group of your peers. No such luck for the poor bastards – be they guilty or not – that King George and his horsemen have rounded up, secreted off and tortured for Christ knows what pack of lies anyone in their lost mind would tell after being immersed in water for days on end.

Yeah, we’re a great bunch. Given the size of George W. Bush’s head and the fact his head is clearly planted up his ass, I rather suspect there is plenty of room left in there for everyone else who believes his prattle.

Keep it up, Mike. I’m behind you. I’ll do everything within the boundaries of the law to undermine and toss out of office each and every despicable Republican across our nation.

Carpe Diem!


Mike V. said...

wow, EXCELLENT comment.

you should totally post that yourself and join Bring It On and post if there.

hard to top that.


Fight The Good Fight! said...

Thanks for the clarifications MV.
Though I can come on strong myself- against Liberals an Dems, your'e entitled to freedom of expression as any other.
We may be at odds on Politics an Religion, but I think we can be in agreement that we should not let another 9/11 or any type thereof to happen again.

Landcomm1 said...

I have joined. I will post. Thanks, Mike. I'll now return us to our usual channel: Slaying Neo-cons.

Senor said...

Smirking Chimp?

Do you have "Loose Change" on DVD and watch it every night, salivating at the prospect of having finally uncovered the truth?

Mike V. said...

You sure know how to debate the points, Kevin.

And I don't even know what Loose Change is, so whatever you're talking about must be some kind of inside joke.

Is that what you ask the "moonbats" (whatever that is)?

And yes, Smirking Chimp is a great link.
They provide OpEds from all over the country.
Only for mouth breathers like you, a lot of them use big words and stuff, so you may have a problem with them.