Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ike Tried to Warn Us.

Charles Sullivan writes a great piece today that was published over at Smirking Chimp.

You can read the whole thing here.

But here is just a great paragraph that I have to quote:

The (US) government is studded with men like Paul Bremmer and Henry Kissinger, who migrate back and forth from corporate America into the halls of government, create policy that is favorable to their own business interests, then return to business to realize the wealth they have created for themselves and their shareholders. It is men like them who are responsible for America's aggressive war posture, among them the quagmire in Iraq.

If only people would realize this stuff.

They get all caught up in the "war on terror" (no such thing) in gay marriage and flag burning that they don't see the lives lost and the fleecing of americans for the bankrolls of these war profiteers.

"Terror alert!"
"7 bad guys caught in Miami!"
"Gay marriage destroys the institution!"
"Intelligent Design should be taught along side Evolution!"

Iraq has been bombed, devided up and privatized all for a big chunk o' cash.
Profit on the war is now and the backroom deals are going on to decide exactly how to carve up the oil fields. Hint: The Iraqi people have no say in that.

There is no place in the world of the neo-cons and the oil men for regular folk at all.
Well, that's not entirely true, they need cheap labor.
Grab it all, grab it now and fuck off everyone else.
Welcome to the new Gilded Age.


Fight The Good Fight! said...

Is that the Cuban Cigar factory in your pic?

Mike V. said...

No, it's a La Casa Del Habano store in Mexico.
These are retail arms of "Cubatabaco".

That dude is a roller from Cuba who visits the store once and a while to roll cigars for patrons.


Fight The Good Fight! said...

oh, sorry, i was thinking...there isn't a'Cuban' cigar factory in SD.
It is called something else, but forgot.
I have been to Mexico a bunch of times...lots a fun!

cool man , thanks for the link!

Fight The Good Fight! said...

dang i gotta love those dolls!

blog Portland said...

Why can't we invade New Zealand? I'd be willing to take a piece of that place.

Mike V. said...

them folks will drink your ass under the table!

Tom Harper said...

Ike? Who's "Ike"? Must be some moonbat that hates America.

Landcomm1 said...

We just have to keep on the pressure and continue to talk to our friends and neighbors. We CAN take this country back but it won't be easy. My current frustration rests with the fact I have registered as a volunteer with virtually every Democratic organization or candidate which operates within our state boundaries yet no one has called for my help yet. Am I the early guy at the party or are we similarly disorganized elsewhere???

PS I spent several days aboard a destroyer in the New Zealand navy. What little I remember is that they are more nuts than the Aussies whose driking almost killed me - aboard ship, while at sea!

Mike V. said...

LOL, Tom!

Seriously. Ike and Teddy R. would be HATED by the current crop of "conservatives".

Steve, don't give up, don't give in. We just have to do what we can.

I'll tell you, anyone from that part of the world, whether Aussie or Kiwi can drink ANYONE under the freakin table.
We had our honeymoon in Fiji and 95 percent of the people at the resort were one or the other and bar time meant not even trying to keep up with these people.
And what a fun bunch, the lot of them.
Much nicer than most Americans that you run into abroad who are annoying and demanding and prissy and anti-smoking.. :)