Monday, June 26, 2006

It's wedge issue time, kids!

That's right, Bill "Hello, Kitty" Frist wants you to put down that flag and lighter, pardner.

'Cause there's NO better issue on their plates right now up yonder in congressland, so they need worry about some hippy burning a flag.

What they should do in the interest of expediency is wrap them all up together.
Flag burning fags that cannot get married in front of the Ten Commandments in the Hall of Justice while carrying a copy of the Origin of Species.

What a perfect year to fight the red devils.
Or something..


dusty said...

OMFG yes..we need to fight this dastardly crime with every breath of our being..

Its far more important than a lying bunch of criminals in the WH and a war killing over 50K in Iraqis and 25K in American soldiers...

and if you buy that..I got some prime realestate cheap :p

Landcomm1 said...

The sad sacks o-dookie continue to try every tactic to distract our nation's attention from REAL issues. Our efforts must be to keep everyone focused on the elections and eliminating these bastards from public service!

Mike V. said...

I hope you guys saw Family Guy this weekend. Was a great one along these lines, only having to do with gay marriage.