Saturday, June 24, 2006

"I can't eat it, but you can"

You gotta love the ad men out there.
They're clever guys.
In my paper today where the entertainment stuff is, there was a short blurb about the musician Matisyahu (who is an Orthodox Jew) and an advertising offer he turned down.
It appears that Burger King wanted him to do an add for one of their cheese burgers where he says that he can't eat it, "but you can!".

One of the few places I found on the internets that mentions it is here.

Strange, you ask? "It does seem weird, doesn't it?" he says.
I'll say.

Hey, I have an idea along those lines.
We get Mel Gibson to do an ad for Trojan condoms:

"Hi, this is Mel Gibson. My Pope says no, no, no but that doesn't mean you can't slip one on!"

"Trojan, the brand that all non-Catholics prefer"

You get the idea.


Ricardo said...

Yeah can't mix meat with dairy. It's mixing life giving things (milk) with life taking things (hamburger) and is teaching you not to be gluttonous. With that being said, what are these ad guys thinking?

Brad said...

I think he's the first person who listened to so much Phish he decided to become Hasidic.

dusty said...

An orthodox jewish Reggae singer? Interesting..

I do like your post..its funny. I used to like I think hes a friggin crackpot.

blog Portland said...

Would that be the same as any English person doing an ad for Crest?

Sar said...

I used to think Mel Gibson was fairly attractive. I don't now, but you can.

Funny post, Mike.

Mike V. said...

thanks for the comments, folks.

brad, I was wondering what happens to people who listen to too much phish.
either that or they start to do the hippie dance till they pass out..

dusty, he's pretty popular with the kids today. Matisyahu, not that other bearded dude..

Tom Harper said...

Speaking of Phish: there used to be this bumpersticker a few years ago that said "Jerry's dead, Phish sucks, get a job!"

Mike V. said...

my wife wouldn't like that sticker.
how she got to be a dead fan, considering she was born in 1972, I'll never know!