Friday, June 23, 2006

You need to read this book: Armed Madhouse by Greg Palast

This is THE book to understand the Neo-cons and the oilmen and our involvement in Iraq right now.

Palast writes like a combination hardcore journalist and Raymond Chandler.
Only, for those that have read The Big Sleep (or seen the movie), these are not made-up characters involved in some hard to follow plot, these are the real people involved in the battle for that carved out part of Mesopotamia we like to call Iraq. Created by Winston Churchill.

And as you can see here, this is not a guy that just came out of nowhere.
He's literally been there and done that.

This is no conspiracy-theory/crackpot book filled with funny ideas about who is taking war profits and how the oil is meant to be dealt with.
Much of the book, and I mean MUCH of the book comes from interviews with the highest level people in Oil and part of PNAC.
He's got Norquist as well as Shell Oil people on record as to what their rolls have been and that which has happened. And they were not tricked. There's no innuendo or things taken out of context. They are quite clear as to what they see needs to be done.

Strangely enough, much of this has been documented in one form or another within the mainstream corporate media, but tying it all together so you can understand it is a whole 'nother story.
Fans of the modern mystery novel will have a better time following this read. Because just keeping track of all the "players", if you will, is damn tough at times.
Particularly with all the middle eastern names thrown into the mix..

I'm just about half way through it, and the facts and numbers and real stories are staggering.

Click here for just a small part of the book as reprinted on the Internets.

So you think this is all about brown people who hate the baby Jesus and want to blow us up?
Think again. That's just all part of the way to sell this war. Occupation, really. Saddam is gone.
One thing for sure, we most certainly did NOT go into Iraq because of WMD or any of that made up War on Terror horseshit. That is all smoke and mirrors.
Does anyone that's reading this think that an administration with oil men and PNAC men care about WMD when there are 112 billion, BILLION proven barrels of oil in the ground in Iraq??


Tom Harper said...

I always figured the Iraqi invasion was either the stupidest, most inept undertaking our government ever tried; or it was part of somebody's huge master plan. I guess it's the second of those two theories.

SheaNC said...

Another excellent post. I dig Palast. I hope this book gets a lot of attention.

Also... knowing this stuff, is it any wonder I get so depressed?

Mike V. said...

I'm just about done with it, reading now about the 2004 election, but most of what's in there I have seen covered by him and others already so I'll skim through most of that.

One thing that should be noted is that Diebold is not the boogeyman we all love to argue about.
It's about taking votes and literally throwing them in the crapper, purging votes and making sure there are fewer voting booths in communities that have high consentrations of liberals.

SheaNC said...

And of course, their talk show army successfully convinced their listeners that the democrats were doing all the vote tampering.