Sunday, May 28, 2006

Wishing for peace this Memorial Day


Jane D'oh said...

me too.

Tom Harper said...

Nice picture (and sentiment). Maybe the red, white and blue will placate the wingnuts. Or maybe it'll just aggravate them even more.

LA said...

And you, too!

Kitchen Window Woman said...

Good one! I am located near you. I am jazzed to find yet another blogger for the cause in this bastion of conservatism. There are a few of us. Peace.

Karen said...

Peace backacha, Mike!

jarhead john said...

I've got to admit, that's the best non-tribute to Memorial Day that I've seen on a lefty blog. I'm quite pleased that you didn't do the typical "the military is evil" post for this holiday.

Mike V. said...

well, considering that to don't think the military is evil, there's no reason I would say such a thing.
should you want, I could provide other links to "lefty" blogs like mine.

now, Bush on the other hand is evil. scratch that. the Bush regime of which he is the head puppet is evil.

gawfer said...

We would have been much better off if John Kerry would have been elected...

And he and John Murtha would have dismantled the military. (speculation based on current actions)

Then an open invitation would have been sent to the jihadists...

Yeah, Bush is evil

Mike V. said...

if Bush was worried so much about the Jihadists, then why did he ignore all that he was told when he came into office.

what does Iraq have to do with us being attacked?

what has Kerry or Murtha ever said that indicates that they would have "gutted" the military?

if Bush and Rummy et all love the military so much, why have they cut the VA?

worse, why did they ignore experts IN the military when they were told what it would take to invade Iraq in the first place (which was a mistake), rather they listened to chickenhawks from PNAC like Perle and Wolfowitz.

your life in the US is threatened by a "jihadist" about as much as it is by lightening.

pull your head out.

jarhead john said...

I disagree with your last claim there Mike. The Muslim nutjobs would love nothing more than to bring the fight back to U.S. soil (you know, like they did on 9/11?).

Also, please don't mistake disgust toward the lefty politicians as a testimonial for the "Bush is God" bunch.

Mike V. said...

I have no doubt that there are muslim nutjobs that would like to do that, yes.

However, why are we involved in a war in Iraq that is making things WORSE, then??

All of our resources that were put to good use to stay on top of crazy fuckers were RE-DIRECTED towards the goals of PNAC. And their goals have nothing to do with terrorism.

I'm not sure I follow your last point.

gawfer said...

"what has Kerry or Murtha ever said that indicates that they would have "gutted" the military?"

Kerry protested the war in uniform in ealy 70s' much the same way Murtha is doing now.

They have both issued statements that are unfounded and even still untrue. I am all for an investigation by the NCIS, and then, if they determine criminal activity, bring em to justice. But don't as a person in position of leadership comment that on unproven rumors! John Kerry did the same thing sith the intent of first pulling out of Viet Nam, then reducing the Military to a skeleton crew.

Bush was briefed on the the war plan, and spoke with the joint chiefs of staff. Everyone of them signed on. those are the guys he's supposed to listen to.

jarhead john said...

Don't follow my last point? After my first comment, you immediately start pointing at Bush. What in the world did my comment have to do with him? Like many others, you simply relate every woe and concern to Bush. Pretty strange behavior.

Mike V. said...

sorry, been a long week, I get what you're saying.
my pointing to woes in this country as faults of the neo-cons of which BushCheneyRummyCondi are the 4 headed hydra however will have to continue, however.
I am against the current crop of republicans because it is my belief other than the war that they are the enemy of the working class. of which we are all members.

and gawfer, your argument makes no sense.

nothing indicates that either one of these men would be for gutting the military. being against this war is a different animal all together.

jarhead john said...

Mike, I'm not exactly thrilled spitless with our current batch of lifer politicians either. I firmly believe that we need people in place whoe main priority is doing their job in a way that represents the will of the people, vice political correctness and other nations' opinion of us.

Having said that, the majority of the "people" made it quite clear that they do not embrace the progressive (or whatever buzzword the left is using this week) ideals of the Kerry, Gore, Clinton bunch. Traditional morals seem to be making a comeback. We've tried the lefty idea enough to make most folks sick, and it's obvious that it's just plain bad. By traditional morals, I don't mean the "women belong in the kitchen," and the like. I mean the actual morals that this country was founded on. Unfortunately, we probably won't see much of that in our government any time soon.

gawfer said...

Sorry Mike, I was rushed out of the house earlier (So Cal too where we all live a rushed life)and was unable to argue my point clearly.

Kerry had said on several occasions during his 2004 campaign that the Military needed to be reworked (reduced) to be a leaner machine, and John Murtha's principle tenants are similar. To that extent, I was basing my argument.

I'm prior military, U.S. Navy '79-'85, and am very sensitive to criticism of our boys. Especially when absolutely no facts regarding the Hiditha incident have been released. Only speculation, and that by the MSM. Yet he (Murtha) took it upon himself to implicate everyone up the chain of command to General Pace. That is absurd.

The NCIS is currently doing multiple investigations (3 I think), and at the end of the investigations they will then determine if charges should be brought against these Marines.

If charges are brought, and they are then found guilty of war crimes, hammer them. That is not what they were trained to do.

But until then, we need to continue to support them and their efforts.

As far as Iraq goes, I don't believe it was the war we needed to fight at that time. However, under the circumstances of the information that was thought to be accurate by many different countries not just the United States, we really had no choice.

The war that needed to be fought was and is against Iran. They are a country on the fast track to nuclear weapons and have directly threatened Israel and her allies (us). They underwrite Hezbollah, and indirectly support Hamas, both of which are known terrorist groups. They were directly responsible for the attacks on the marines in Lebanon.

They are currently our biggest threat, and playing footsie with them is a dangerous game.

Mike V. said...

Iran is a signer of the NPT (which Israel is not) and has a right to enrich uranium for power.
Saber-rattling is not the way to go here.

Our involvement in Iraq has played INTO the hands of those that are crazed in Iran in the first place.

John, I don't know what traditional morals you speak of, but I'm DAMN certain that Bush and Rove care nothing of them.
Believe me, they laugh at the rubes they conned into voting for them and against their own best interests by jabbing on about things that don't affect them like gay marraige and flag burning.
The progressive causes in this country have been for working people, families and those that have the least.
The regressive movement of the latest crop of republicans has been for and about the richest and large corporations in the name of the "free market".
Our country works properly with an opposition party and checks and balances, NOT unchecked executive power. That is not what the framers wanted.

jarhead john said...

Perhaps, but they certainly didn't, or wouldn't, want legalized drugs, partial birth abortion, an invasion from Mexico (granted, the right isn't doing a damned thing about it either), "tolerance" of every professional victim that has an axe to grind, and tax dollars thrown at every personal problem that comes along. Like I said, lifer politicians are destroying our nation from both sides of the argument. The "progressives" stand for the same garbage that is decaying our youth, and encouraging voter apathy. The "relax, the governement will tell us what's best" approach is the core of the left leaning idealism. That's exactly the reason that actual conservatives are fleeing from Bush. He's acting more and more like a liberal every day.

jarhead john said...

I'm a bit disappointed that this discussion has moved completely away from the reason for my original comment. Is there a reason that you put this post up, vice an actual tribute to the men and women that gave their lives for their country and beliefs? The casual observer would get the idea that you've used Memorial Day as another reason to push a political agenda. Memorial Day should be an agenda free day, don't you think?

Mike V. said...

the real reason?

is what I said, nothing more. peace and soon.

jarhead john said...

You seem to have answered my question quite clearly.

Mike V. said...

I hope you're not being glib, because I am not.

I appreciate every man and woman that serves our country honorably and I don't want them fighting this type of war.