Friday, May 26, 2006

Best OpEd of the week is from Paul Craig Roberts

He's always got a lot of good things to say during the week, but this article about Bush's saber-rattling regarding Iran is short, to the point and superb.

It can be summed up pretty well in this quote from it:

What has Iran done? Unlike Israel, Pakistan and India, countries that developed nuclear weapons on the sly, Iran signed the non-proliferation treaty. Countries that sign this treaty have the right to develop nuclear energy. The International Atomic Energy Agency monitors their energy programs to guard against the programs being used to cloak a weapons program. Until the Bush regime provoked a crisis, Iran was cooperating with the inspection safeguards. The weapons inspectors have found no Iranian weapons programs.

The Neo-cons' intent of total domination of this part of the world has always sounded insane, even from the first reading of PNAC crap on their website, but now we're moving into total WW3 territory..


michele said...

These nations will not allow
the U.S. to tell them what to do.
Besides they know our troops
are spread thin.Stop by for
a visit i'm from cali too.

Mike V. said...

thanks for the comment.

well, now that Bush has started the saber-rattling, where will it lead?

like Roberts points out, Iran is a signer of the NPT, which means there is NO reason any country should be able to tell them they cannot enrich uranium for energy.