Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thank the Lord for small favors:

Lay, Skilling convicted in Enron collapse

Fuck them.

They're getting (barely) what they deserve.

Imagine if a group of thieves broke into thousands of homes around the country while their owners were gone, stealing millions in money and belongings.

They would never see the light of day if caught and procecuted.

Yet, as Ken points out in a comment here, at the least you know damn well that Lay will get pardoned by Bush before he leaves office.


Ken Grandlund said...

Getting what they deserve...

Yeah, right up until the point Bush decides to give them a pardon.
Probably going to be one of his last acts in office. After all, he can't let his biggest donors languish away in prison once he has all that free time on his hands.

Mike V. said...

yea, that's probably on tap for Lay at the least.
really damn sad.

Ricardo said...

These guys will be off in a country club prison. They won't do hard time. Your comment on my blog cracked me up.

LA said...

Ken, I hope you are wrong, but I'm no fool, and I know you are right. Maybe the only good thing to come of Bush still having 2.5 years left in his term is that Lay will have to spend that much time in prison. Even if it is country club prison.

Ricardo said...

It should be known that the charges that these guys got found guilty of are the lightest you can get. They were only the tip of the iceberg. Poking around at the democracy now website, I hear that this is the equivalent to Al Capone getting busted for tax evasion. We know that he committed much worse, but we only got him for taxes.

Mike V. said...

that pretty much sums it up, yes.
they covered their tracks fairly well, but there is no doubt that they ruined the lives of a lot of people in their greedy grab..