Wednesday, May 24, 2006

GM sez: we will pay you to pollute!

Want to shit in the river? It's OK, just pay a little bit to do it!

Want to drive a gas-guzzling useless vehicle?
Why not? And now, GM will subsidize your bill to a certain extent (after signing up for OnStar).

Potential buyers of Hummers, Yukons, Escalades (complete with blinged out 22 inch rims?) can now pollute at the company's expense!

Damn, what a great idea!
Forget trying to conserve fuel and protect our natural resources (and our air and water).
Who would want to do something so silly?

Is this some forward thinkin' or whut?
Only in America. No wonder everyone hates our fucking fat asses..


Alex said...

Here Here!

SheaNC said...

This almost makes vandalism an act of self-defense!

Tom Harper said...

Wow, this is great. We already get a huge tax deduction for buying the biggest SUVs; and now GM will subsidize some of the gas costs. Hallelujah! If a country's greatness is measured by the size of its vehicles, we're number one!

Mike V. said...


thankfully, we're not measured by the size of the dicks that Hummer and giant SUV drivers have... :)

El Mas Chingón said...

I find it ironic that GM will subsidize our gas bills yet they sponsor Dennis Setzer (one of my favorite drivers) in NASCAR's Craftsman Truck Series.

The sponsor on the side of his truck? E85 Ethanol

Ricardo said...

Who drives these things? They're monstrosities.

Mike V. said...

guys with small weiners.