Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sound familiar?

Here's a headline that sounds oddly similar to others we have heard in the past:

Bush vows punishment if laws broken in Haditha

Not to be glib, particularly on such a subject, but we were sort of told the same thing about "leakers" in the White House.

And let's not forget that our "war president" learned about these killings through a reporter asking questions.
Think about that for a second. The Commander/Pretzeldent/Blinker in Chief was kept out of the loop.
Maybe he was riding his bike?

And I want to be clear here, even though the early reports are sounding horrifying, I place the blood SQUARELY on the hands of the neo-cons well before I place them on the hands of the Marines being investigated.

These soldiers are stretched to the brink in this war of choice and they are bound to start cracking.

I cannot stress enough that people need to watch Baghdad ER on HBO to see just a glimpse of reality of what is happening over there as opposed to the sanitized versions of events that the US media is providing in general.

The Bush train needs to leave the station permanently.

Bush has abandoned every traditional conservative ethos in favor of the Neo-liberal/imperialistic/con thing that has us in a quagmire of a war, bankrupted the treasury and helped to ruin the working person in this great country.


Brad said...

You forgot to disparagingly call him "The Decider". It's just too damn funny to omit.

Mike V. said...

only no one knows what exactly he's the decider of..

Matt Vella said...

Even the "staunch Republicans" are quickly abandoning the sinking ship that is the Bush admin.

blog Portland said...

Less than three years and this will all be a bad dream...

CyberCelt said...

You may want to visit:

There is hope and we must not give up.

Mike V. said...

cybercelt, thanks for the cool links.
hope you come back often.

regulars: wOrD.

Sar said...

"The Bush train needs to leave the station permanently."

Amen to that, Mike.

Ricardo said...

My good friend is a marine and did a year in Iraq. They're thrown into impossible situations by "management". Thank goodness he didn't have to face something like this.

LA said...

Someone please wake me on November 1, 2008.

SheaNC said...

"Bush vows." Chuckle. Bush funny.