Monday, March 20, 2006

Iran is a Nuclear threat, sez W

You have to point out to your neo-con friends a couple things that Bush is missing:

They have less intelligence on the ground in Iran than we did in Iraq and we’re supposed to believe them?

No inspectors have given ANY credence that the Iranians are doing more than using it for power.

At this moment, Iran is in compliance with the NPT.

Something that India, Pakistan AND Israel refuse to sign.

I hope it’s saber-rattling and nothing more, but who knows with the neo-cons..


9T9 said...

Another WMD on the making... faking one.

Anonymous said...

You're an IDIOT!!!!

Mike V. said...

I love a good debate.
Must be a Bush voter.
I'd be ashamed to identify myself, too, if I had pulled the lever for W..

Karen said...

Whoa, Mike... maybe you shouldn't allow anonymous comments! :-)

anyhoo, yep, the rethugs are out to take o'er the whole wide f*ckin' world before dubya leaves office. So there we'll be, left with the whole world hatin' us & no money cause he's gotta have his good ole boy tax cuts!

Love comin' here in the morning, it *fires* up my day!

J's Girlfriend said...

Re your personal blurb; so why is it that here in London I can get a bowlful of avocados for £1 in Notting Hill, whilst when I lived in South Cal they were $2?! It's a mystery to me.

The US will bomb Iran, because people were too lazy to get off their arse and vote Bush out last time around. I dread to think... But California is a lovely place!

Brazen Hussy said...

girlfriend, as you anticipate, i reckon Bush will target Iran next and it wont have anything to do with nuclear capability but all to do with petro dollar vs. petro euro (which was the basis for the Iraqi invasion too)if anyone has time or inclination, go read a rather amazingly brilliant post I put together about this on my blog :)

LA said...

In my mother's hands, a computer is a weapon of mass destruction.

SheaNC said...

Freedom is -- er, I mean, armageddon is on the march! Bush will be president of the rapture! Yee haw!