Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Marches around the country (and world)

It's starting to look like the latter days of the Vietnam war in some respects.

As we enter the 4th year of this war of (W's) choice, it becomes ever more UNpopular.

Even in my pro-military town, people of all faiths from all over San Diego County gathered at St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral and then did a silent walk to Balboa Park.

It's encouraging to know that there are Christians out there that do not back this war or this president when so many of them around the country do.

I'm saddened by this statement in the article:

A Gallup Poll released last week showed that highly religious Americans, Protestants and other non-Catholic Christians, are most supportive of the war. Those who were least supportive include infrequent churchgoers, non-Christians and people with no religious identification.

And in the US, this is coming from the "religion of peace"


LA said...

You know, that paragraph you highlighted about the Gallup Poll findings is so loaded, I almost don't know what to make of it. It reads differently taken out of context than it does in the article, but it's still worded in a way that the point is slightly ambiguous.

Did I tell you the editor of San Diego City Beat is a friend of mine?

Mike V. said...

That's funny. My favorite co-worker has a friend that writes for the CB. Ed Decker.

BTW, I don't quite follow you on that paragraph.

To me, it means that (wrong as they are) the religious people support the war, and non-religious people tend to not.

sparky said...

Let's just spell it out: so-called Christians who support this (or any) war are the worst kind of hypocrites. They favor human misery and suffering in any form (i.e., banning abortions and birth control). It makes me wonder just where they jumped off the evolutionary ladder.