Saturday, March 18, 2006

Why do the republicans hate our veterans so much?

They must.
Because save for ONE republican vote in the Senate (coming from Lincoln Chafee of RI), they all voted against a new bill to increase Veterans medical services by 1.5 billion in 2007. Other than the one vote, it was right down party lines.

You can see the votes here.

Here's what every single (but one) republican in the Senate voted against:

  • $231 million in assistance to help Iraq war Veterans make the transition home
  • Expanded Veteran Support Clinics by providing $81 million to expand Vet centers around the country to provide daily support and assistance to Veterans
  • Eliminating new fees and copayments by providing $825 million to roll back a Bush Administration plan to raise fees and co-payments on veterans who seek VA health care
  • Providing $42 million to expand residential rehabilitation services for Veterans
  • Increased Support for PTSD and Mental-health care by providing an additional $321 million


Tom Harper said...

This is sick. As one person put it, unlike Republicans, Democrats actually care about veterans AFTER they come home, as well as when they're over there fighting.

"Support Our Troops" -- right. And then drop 'em like a hot potato when they come home injured.

Matt Vella said...

Good old fashioned "compassionate conservatism".

If anyone helps vote an incumbent back into congress this year, they will get (and deserve) more of this kind of nonsense.

logo said...

Medical care?
What, you mean a yellow ribbon on the bumper isn't enough?
Could we at least get the families of lower enlisted people off food stamps?

Karen said...

Well, uh, we can't afford a vet increase, we havta have our tax cuts... they're a drag on our tax cuts. Whatsa matter withcha; don'tcha know nothin'!?!

Mike...I'd love to have you weigh in your expertise tomorrow my place for MONDAY MEME.

Mike V. said...

You bet.

Remind me, though.
Monday's are super busy for me at the office..

LA said...

A woman I know is retired from the VA hospital system. She managed the complaints department at the large facility for which she worked. Her job was to bridge the gap between angry vets and swaggering politicians. Small wonder she took early retirement.

Karen said...

okay, consider yourself *reminded*... :-)