Monday, February 27, 2006

Are you part of the one third'ers?

Looks like there's about 2 thirds or close to it that are just about done with or have LONG been done with Senor Bush.

To be fair, I guess it was reported at 34 percent.

Yer thumb is pointing the wrong way, W.

I can't imagine why his approval is as such.
Economy in the tank.
The Iraq war.
Medicare drug plan.
All time record deficits and national debt.
Company owned by a foreign country known to harbor some fun-loving crazies about to runsome ports of ours.
Working people with less money in their pockets while CEO's see record salaries.
MORE manufacturing outsourced.

I guess people might have a few problems with the old boy.


Sar said...

How there continues to be any percentage of approval is beyond me.

Liked you choice of image combined with your thumb facing the wrong way line.

LA said...

I'd like to stick that thumb he's pointing straight into his pie hole. And that's only 'cuz I'm in a good mood. :)

Mike V. said...

hey, anytime someone can use the term pie hole on my blog, I'm more than happy. :)

SheaNC said...

Well, gosh, Rush Limbaugh still loves 'im. That's gotta be worth somethin'.

LA said...

Speaking of Rush Limbaugh, the wonderful singer/songwriter Sam Phillips goes around on tour dedicating her song "Baby I Can't Please You" to him when she plays it life. If you know the song, that will bring you a smile.

Mike, I think I probably picked up "pie hole" from you somewhere along the line, but it's a great term, and now I use it IRL when ripping NeoCons to the delight of intelligent people everywhere.

Tom Harper said...

I think that 34% is the hardcore wingnuts who wouldn't turn against Bush if he sodomized the Twins on Fox News. The Terri Schiavo stunt last year, Bush being in bed with the Biblethumpers and the PNAC -- all these things are calculated to keep the support of his "base." It's too bad he still has so much political clout when 2/3 of the country wants him out.